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Organizations Filed Purposes: Lawrence Family Jewish Community Centers of San Diego County ("LFJCC") is a California 501(c)3)Not-For-Profit organization that was incorporated in November 1945. The Mission of LFJCC is to connect the community to Jewish heritage, identity, experiences and values to ensure the continuity and vibrancy of the Jewish community. The mission is accomplished by promoting the physical and mental well-being of the community and offering a rich array of stimulating and innovative social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs and services LFJCC is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for San Diego's diverse Jewish community and the greater general community.

Early Childhood EducationLawrence Family Jewish Community Center early childhood education program is designed to develop the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being of each child through our developmental milestone curriculum. The focus is on creating a safe and nurturing environment which offers opportunities for exploration and discovery. The program has been structured to develop curiosity, imagination, self-esteem, caring for others, and the ability to play both cooperatively and independently. The program is committed to expanding community access to recreational and social programs for children with disabilities.

Form 990, Part III, Line 4c - Program Service AccomplishmentsYouth And Teen ProgramsThe youth department at LFJCC provides a nurturing and safe environment, a caring and professional staff, and enriching and quality programs for youth k-6. The department offers a wide variety of programs to ensure that the perfect activity is available to meet the child's interests and parent's schedule. Programs consist of:* J-team after school enrichment program* Summer and spring break camps* Youth activities* Special programs* Enrichment classes* Sports programsLawrence Family Jewish Community Center's teen department hosts a variety of enriching events and leadership opportunities while bringing together teens of diverse backgrounds from all over San Diego. The programming establishes a strong Jewish Community for teens and allows participants to develop into emotionally well-rounded leaders of the future.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Michael Cohen Executive Director 40.00 $332,372
Nancy Johnson CFO 40.00 $169,252
Alma Hadash Director Preschool 40.00 $144,815
Ana Kozlowski Associate Executive Director 40.00 $127,674
Sharon Lerner-Baron Board Member 4.00 $0
Rachel Gitlin Herman Board Member 4.00 $0
Phyllis Epstein Board Member 4.00 $0
Phillip Ginsburg Board Member 4.00 $0
Mike Feldman Board Member 4.00 $0
Michael Flaster Board Member 4.00 $0
Meryl Flam Board Member 4.00 $0
Silvana Christy Board Member 4.00 $0
Susan Levin Board Member 4.00 $0
Susan Morris Board Member 4.00 $0
Sylvia Geffen Board Member 4.00 $0
Todd Allen Board Member 4.00 $0
Todd Frank Board Member 4.00 $0
Todd Kobernick Member at Large 4.00 $0
Wayne Schwartz Board Member 4.00 $0
Craig Schloss Vice President/Secretary 8.00 $0
Melissa Mandel Board Member 4.00 $0
Melissa Garfield Bartell Immediate Past President 8.00 $0
Marcy Blumberg Board Member 4.00 $0
Gary Jacobs Member at Large* 4.00 $0
Frederick Schenk Member at Large* 4.00 $0
Elisa Lurkis Board Member 4.00 $0
David Wax Member at Large* 4.00 $0
David Kroll Board Member* 4.00 $0
David Geffen OD Member at Large* 4.00 $0
David Berke Board Member 4.00 $0
Caryn Viterbi Immediate Past President 8.00 $0
Gayle Blatt Board Member 4.00 $0
Jane Potter Board Member 4.00 $0
Jean Gaylis Board Member 4.00 $0
Liz Nederlander Coden Board Member 4.00 $0
Laura Spielman Board Member 4.00 $0
Larry Katz JCC President 8.00 $0
Kenneth Polin Esq Member at Large 4.00 $0
Julie Tedde Board Member 4.00 $0
Judith Friedel SDCJC President 8.00 $0
Jeffrey Platt Vice President 8.00 $0
Jeffrey Glazer Treasurer* 8.00 $0
Adam Jacobs Board Member 4.00 $0

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