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Organizations Filed Purposes: Founded in 1852, Mills College (the "College") is an independent liberal arts college for women, with graduate programs for both women and men. The college provides education and training services for undergraduate women and graduate women and men, and performs training and other programs under grants, contracts, and similar agreements with its sponsors, primarily departments and agencies of the United States government, and private donors. The College educates its students to think critically and communicate responsibly and effectively, to accept the challenges of their creative visions, and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the natural world and effect thoughtful changes in society. The College encourages openness to experimentation and change in the context of established academic disciplines. The curriculum combines the traditional liberal arts with new educational initiatives that recognize the value of cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity.

The College provides auxiliary services, including student housing, food services, and other student services.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Alecia A DeCoudreaux President and Board Trustee 60.0 $510,591
Deborah Merrill-Sands Dean of the School of Business 40.0 $281,622
Sandra C Greer Prof of Chemistry/Fmr. Provost 40.0 $246,889
Renee I Jadushlever Chief of Staff & VP Operations 50.0 $225,005
Tammi D Jackson V.P. Finance & Admin/Treasurer 50.0 $223,688
Katherine Schultz Dean of School of Education 40.0 $215,579
Cynthia Brandt Stover VP, Institutional Advancement 50.0 $201,981
Marianne Buroff Sheldon Board Secretary 40.0 $182,818
Bruce B Williams Fletcher Jones Sociology Prof. 40.0 $181,064
Cynthia Scheinberg Dean of Grad Literary Studies 40.0 $177,817
Jamie L Nickel Former Int. VP Finance/Treas. 40.0 $150,981
Kimberley Phillips Provost & Dean of the Faculty 50.0 $141,864
Carrie Hall Board Assistant Secretary 40.0 $81,366
Molly Fannon Williams Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Muffy Thorne Board Trustee 1.0 $0
NT Lucy Do Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Nan Gefen Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Richard Barrett Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Roselyne Swig Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Sandra Hernandez Board Trustee 2.0 $0
Troy Duster Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Wendy Brody Board Trustee 2.0 $0
Eric Roberts Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Modesta Tamayo Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Melissa Stevenson Dile Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Mei Kwong Board Trustee 1.0 $0
John McDonnell Board Trustee 2.0 $0
James Fowler Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Irene Panagopoulos Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Helen Drake Muirhead Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Gordon Chong Board Trustee 2.0 $0
Glenn Voyles Board Trustee 2.0 $0
Diana Odermatt Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Barbara A Wolfe Vice Chair 2.0 $0
Alma Robinson Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Karen May Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Katherine Schapiro Board Trustee 2.0 $0
Maryellen Cattani Herringer Board Trustee 3.0 $0
Marjan Soleimanieh Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Maribelle Leavitt Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Margaret Wilkerson Board Trustee 2.0 $0
Lyn Flanigan Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Liz Parker Board Trustee 2.0 $0
Linda Cohen Turner Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Katie Sanborn Board Trustee 1.0 $0
Kathleen Burke Board Chairperson 5.0 $0
Alexandra Moses Board Trustee 1.0 $0

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