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Organizations Filed Purposes: Pacific Oaks Education Corporation is dedicated to preparing innovative, engaged, purposeful agents of change who serve the global community. The mission of the College states "Grounded in its social justice heritage, Pacific Oaks College prepares students to be culturally intelligent agents of change serving diverse communities in the fields of human development, education, and related family studies." The primary focus of the Children's School is placed upon all needs of young children and their families, and all those who, in a direct or indirect manner, touch their lives each day. The mission of the Corporation is inclusive of the mission of the College and primary focus of the Children's School.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Michael Horowitz Trustee/Corporate President 2.00 $1,171,047
Patricia Breen Provost 30.00 $385,153
Ezat Parnia Institutional President/Trustee 40.00 $357,235
Glenn Renzulli Corporate Treasurer 2.00 $293,996
Jennifer DeMay Corporate Secretary 2.00 $253,620
Crystal Czubernat AVP Admissions 40.00 $154,414
Kerry Neal - Regional Vice President (Departed 05/13) 0.00 $148,824
LaKeisha Marsh Assistant Corporate Secretary 2.00 $148,522
Ellie Kaucher - Vice President of Academic Development 40.00 $147,147
Franklin Frias Associate Vice President 40.00 $124,042
Shari Mikos Assistant Corporate Secretary 2.00 $121,848
Jane Rosenberg - Executive Dir Of Childrens School (Departed 06/13) 40.00 $118,388
Olin Barrett Trustee 2.00 $0
Judy Chirlin Trustee 2.00 $0
Albert Morell Trustee 2.00 $0
Mary Pattiz Vice Chair 2.00 $0
Tenny Mickey Trustee 2.00 $0
Dean Chung Trustee 2.00 $0
Terrence Layng Trustee 2.00 $0
Mary Tudela Trustee 2.00 $0
Devy Schonfeld Trustee 2.00 $0
Dorothy Farris Board Chair (Departed 05/14) 2.00 $0

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