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Organizations Filed Purposes: We are committed to working together to help our members achieve their financial goals, while being financially prudent to assure safety and soundness.

Point Loma Credit Union offers competitive mortgage loan program to make homeownership more affordable to its membership. In 2014, the credit union funded 342 new real estate loans including 1st and 2nd trust deed mortgages and home equity lines of credit, in the amount of $93,815,458. As of 12/31/14, the credit union held the total of 1,256 real estate loans in the amount of $207,387,440.

Point Loma Credit Union provides its membership competitive consumer loan programs including vehicle loans and unsecured loans as well as business loan program to help our local small businesses. The credit union funded 1,765 new consumer loans and business loans in the amount of $23,845,977. As of 12/31/14, the credit union held 9,961 in the amount of $62,725,404.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Theodore Dennis President/CEO 40 $393,314
Carl Ransburg EVP/CFO 40 $238,325
David Brooke EVP/COO 40 $224,997
Matthew Mower VP/CIO 40 $198,772
Peter Butler VP/Lending 40 $168,790
Deborah Foley VP/Retail Operations 40 $152,668
Sachiko McFarland Controller 40 $143,519
Catherine Graham Director of Executive Services 40 $133,344
Timothy McVearry IT Programer Analyst 40 $118,261
Dennis Hurst Director 1 $0
James Baldwin Director 1 $0
Thomas Knight Director, Treasurer 1 $0
Linda Stay Director 1 $0
Mark Moeller Director 1 $0
Steven Auguston Director, Vice Chairman 1 $0
Jeffrey Goecke Director, Chairman 1 $0
Malcolm McCollum Director, Secretary 1 $0
Salvatore Lupo Director 1 $0

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