PO Box 4566, Ventura, CA 93007

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Organizations Filed Purposes: To provide quality, comprehensive and preventative, health care services to the underserved community in Ventura County. It is the explicit mission of Clinicas del Camino Real, Inc. to save lives and restore good health at rates that are consistent with a client's ability to pay. Moreover, bilingual and bicultural staff delivers its services on a personal and humane basis, and especially reaches out to members of the community who are traditionally underserved due to limited income, resources, cultural, and language barriers..

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Roberto S Juarez CEO 40.00 $1,483,298
Chawla Anil Medical Director 40.00 $587,676
Mirela Cernaianu Physician 40.00 $305,164
Guillermo Rios Physician 40.00 $301,887
Thuc Ngu Dinh Ta Physician 40.00 $299,462
Todd Wayne Monroe Physician 40.00 $292,455
Menashe Ehrenburg Physician 40.00 $287,080
Christina M Velasco CFO 40.00 $286,986
Antonio Alatorre COO 40.00 $264,841
Rafael Diaz CIO 40.00 $181,266
Dr Adolfo Murillo Vice President 1.00 $0
Dr Nancy Carroll Member 1.00 $0
Karen R Burnham Secretary 1.00 $0
Charles Hookstra President 1.00 $0
Raul Ramos Director 1.00 $0
Kristin Cady Director 1.00 $0
Javier M Ochoa Parliamentarian 1.00 $0
Angel Arreola Director 1.00 $0
Barbara A Journet Treasurer 1.00 $0

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