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Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Net Assets

Organizations Filed Purposes: To support U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence while demonstrating the values of the Olympic Movement, thereby inspiring all Americans.

Olympic Training Centers - The facilities provide room, board and training facilities to athletes who are selected by their NGBs.

Paralympic - This program provides high-performance training, funding and support for athletes with physical disabilities in 26 Paralympic sports. In addition, the Paralympic division conducts grassroots and military programs to increase participation among children and injured military personnel, introducing them to Paralympic sport.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Scott A Blackmun Chief Executive Officer 32.00 $1,044,978
Lisa P Baird Chief Marketing Officer 40.00 $711,339
Alan R Ashley Chief Sport Performance 40.00 $460,234
Jon M Denney Chief Development Officer 0.00 $428,342
Patrick D Sandusky Chief Communications 40.00 $408,672
Walter R Glover Chief Financial Officer 38.00 $383,199
Benita F Mosley Chief of Org. Excellence 40.00 $327,670
Mitchell Poll Mng Dir Marketing 40.00 $309,642
Russell C Huebner VP of Paralympic Devel. 26.00 $308,024
Rana K Dershowitz General Counsel 39.00 $295,421
Desiree Filippone Mng Dir Gov't Relations 40.00 $291,244
Larry M Buendorf Chief Security Officer 40.00 $286,897
Peter C Zeytoonjian Mng Dir Marketing 40.00 $279,629
Richard W Adams Chief of Paralympics & NGB Rel. 40.00 $272,479
Morane B Kerek Managing Dir., Audit 40.00 $229,694
Dave W Ogrean Director 3.00 $16,751
Angela M Ruggiero Director 3.00 $16,000
Mary R McCagg Director 3.00 $12,590
Nina M Kemppel Director 3.00 $12,435
Robert J Bach Director 3.00 $12,323
Susanne D Lyons Director 3.00 $11,416
Pisei Whitney Ping Director 3.00 $10,629
James M Benson Director 3.00 $9,699
Robert A Bowlsby Director 3.00 $1,848
Ursula M Burns Director 3.00 $1,537
Anita L DeFrantz Director 3.00 $0
James L Easton Director 3.00 $0
John S Hendricks Director 3.00 $0
William C Marolt Director 3.00 $0
Lawrence F Probst Chairman of the Board 20.00 $0

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