1445 Market Street, Denver, CO 80202

Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Net Assets

Organizations Filed Purposes: See description to Part I, Line 1 on Schedule O.

Colorado Leadership Alliance: See Schedule O.Colorado Leadership Alliance: The Colorado Leadership Alliance develops the next generation of Colorado's leaders through a consortium of leadership education programs at undergraduate institutions across Colorado. CLA coordinates a rich array of programmatic and resource development support for its programs on more than ten campuses(CSU-Ft. Collins, CSU-Pueblo, the US Air Force Academy, CU-Boulder, CU-Colorado Springs, CU-Denver, DU, UNC, Regis University, and Metropolitan State University of Denver). In addition to these activities, the Foundation awarded $116,000 in scholarships to University of Northern Colorado and the University of Colorado through the FirstBank Colorado Scholars Program.

Leadership Denver: Leadership Denver is an 11-month program for active leaders focused on assuming civic leadership roles in the Denver Metro community. Leadership Denver is a balance of in-depth issues seminars, retreats, and a group community service project. Inclusive of contributions made to the program in fiscal year 2014, this program generated total revenues of $240,422 and expenses of $160,700 for a program net of $79,722.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Kelly Brough President & CEO 5.00 $389,091
Mary Ricketson Executive Director thru June 2014 40.00 $12,973
Dan Lewis Immediate Past Chair 1.60 $0
Mike Niyompong Member 1.00 $0
James Pinto Member 1.00 $0
Ramonna Robinson Member 1.00 $0
Ruth Rohs Member 1.00 $0
Maja Rosenquist Member 1.00 $0
Kirk Scheitler Member 1.00 $0
Holly Shilliday Member 1.00 $0
Kristin Todd Member 1.00 $0
Maureen Upton Member 1.00 $0
Jamie Van Leeuwen Member 1.00 $0
Amy Venturi Member 1.00 $0
Travis Webb Member 1.00 $0
Bert Williams Member 1.00 $0
Tami Young Member 1.00 $0
Katie Kramer Interim Executive Director & Chair Elect 40.00 $0
Bill Myers Member 1.00 $0
Dennis Moore Member 1.00 $0
Cindy Parsons Chair of the Board 1.50 $0
Donna Lynne Chamber Board Chair 1.60 $0
Mike Fordyce Treasurer 1.60 $0
Darren Markley Secretary 1.60 $0
Jandel Allen-Davis Member 1.00 $0
Justin Ball Member 1.00 $0
Pat Cortez Member 1.00 $0
Tara Dunn Member 1.00 $0
Steven Foster Member 1.00 $0
Gino Greco Member 1.00 $0
Chris Hansen Member 1.00 $0
GG Johnston Member 1.00 $0
Stephen Jordan Member 1.00 $0
Tammy Keffeler Member 1.00 $0
Michael Korenblat Member 1.00 $0
Irma Lockridge Member 1.00 $0
Jason Maples Member 1.00 $0

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