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Organizations Filed Purposes: National Jewish's mission since 1899 is to heal, discover and educate as a preeminent healthcare institution. We serve by providing the best integrated and innovative care for patients and their families; by understanding and finding cures for the diseases we research; and, by educating and training the next generation of healthcare professionals to be leaders in medicine and science.

National Jewish Health is a national referral center treating adult and pediatric patients on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. National Jewish specializes in the treatment of respiratory, cardiac, allergic and immunologic diseases. Clinical specialties include: allergy, pulmonology, occupational medicine, psychosocial medicine, gastroenterology, rheumatology, cardiology, critical care and hospital medicine, otolaryngology, sleep medicine, oncology, nephrology, cystic fibrosis, pharmacokinetics and infectious disease. In the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014, National Jewish had over 85,279 outpatient physician visits and an average day program census of 16.09 days. Our physicians had 8,642 encouters with patients through providing critical care and consult services in hospitals throughout the city. Patients included residents from virtually every state and several foreign countries, with residents of Colorado constituting the largest group. National Jewish was founded under the motto "None may enter who can pay, None can pay who enter." While National Jewish accepts paying patients, we still provide significant amounts of charity care and offer all appointments on a first come, first serve basis regardless of ability to pay.

From its beginnings in 1899, National Jewish Health physicians and scientists have focused on treatment and prevention of the leading public health issues of the day. Health Initiatives programs continue our heritage by addressing the top two causes of preventable illness and death today - obesity and smoking. In the US, one in three people are obese, one in three people are overweight, and one in five people use tobacco. Effective treatment of obesity and smoking requires permanent changes to unhealthy behavior patterns. National Jewish has been a leader in guiding healthy behavior change since the mid-1990s when we launched one of the first disease management programs. Each year, we help tens of thousands of people across the nation improve their health through our FitLogix(R) weight management and QuitLogix(R) tobacco cessation programs. Our programs are based on evidence-based guidelines and clinically-proven interventions for behavior modification. QuitLogix(R) combines personal coaching with nicotine replacement therapy to achieve one of the highest quit smoking rates in the country. Since 2002, QuitLogix has assisted over 950,000 people across the country with their quit attempts. FitLogix(R) helps individuals change their diet and exercise habits through behavior modification in order to lose weight and improve overall health. Our weight loss results are sustainable and exceed national standards for outcomes. Since 2008, we have helped over 10,000 individuals and achieved weight loss outcomes that met or exceeded national standards.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Michael Salem MD President and CEO 50 $986,839
Richard Martin MD Chairman, Department of Medicine 50 $518,413
Greg Downey MD EVP Academic Affairs 50 $498,969
Erwin Gelfand MD Chairman, Department of Pediatrics 50 $445,825
Christine K Forkner EVP and CFO, Ass't Secretary 50 $427,420
Ron Berge EVP and COO 50 $409,779
David Lynch MD Sr MD/Faculty Member/Radiologist 50 $373,823
Debra Dyer MD Acting Chair, Radiology 50 $373,810
Valerie Hale MD Sr MD/Faculty Member/Radiologist 50 $365,321
Joyce D Schroeder Sr MD/Faculty Member/Radiologist 50 $364,715
Philip Hanna Sr MD/ Faculty Member/Gastroenterology 50 $350,219
Lisa Tadiri VP Development 50 $332,509
Carole Schwartz Member, BOD 2 $0
Michael K Schonbrun Member, BOD 2 $0
Richard Schierburg Chair, BOD 2 $0
Meyer M Saltzman Member, BOD 2 $0
Hassan Salem Member, BOD 2 $0
Burton Tansky Member, BOD 2 $0
Eddie A Robinson Lifetime Member, BOD 2 $0
Martin Semple Member, BOD 2 $0
Steve Siegel Co-Chair, Council of National Trustees, BOD Member 2 $0
Wendy Siegel Co-Chair, Council of National Trustees, BOD Member 2 $0
Donald Silversmith Vice Chair, BOD 2 $0
Larry Silverstein Treasurer, National Council Trustees 0 $0
Marc D Steron Member, BOD 2 $0
Debra Tuchman Member, BOD 2 $0
Evan H Zucker Vice Chair, BOD 2 $0
Geraldine Cohen Member, BOD 2 $0
Blair Richardson Member, BOD 2 $0
Leonard M Perlmutter Lifetime Member, BOD 2 $0
Lawrence Gelfond Member, BOD 2 $0
Tom Gart Member, BOD 2 $0
Michael Feiner Member, BOD 2 $0
David Engleberg Member, BOD 2 $0
Stanton Dodge Member, BOD 2 $0
Joseph S Davis Lifetime Member, BOD 2 $0
Robin Chotin Vice Chair and Secretary, BOD 2 $0
Norman Brownstein Member, BOD 2 $0
Paulette Brody Member, BOD 2 $0
Jim Berenbaum Member, BOD 2 $0
Richard Baer Member, BOD 2 $0
Steve Arent Member, BOD 2 $0
Roger Gibson Member, BOD 2 $0
Jerry Glauser Member, BOD 2 $0
Marvin Moskowitz Member, BOD 2 $0
Evelyn Makovsky Member, BOD 2 $0
Bradley Levin Member, BOD 2 $0
Jim Kuhn Member, BOD 2 $0
Steven Kris Member, BOD 2 $0
Lewis Kling Member, BOD 2 $0
Mariner Kemper Member, BOD 2 $0
Philip H Karsh Lifetime Member, BOD 2 $0
Christine Isenberg Member, BOD 2 $0
A Barry Hirschfeld Member, BOD 2 $0
William Gold III Member, BOD 2 $0
William Gold Lifetime Member, BOD 2 $0
Sue Allon Member, BOD 2 $0

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