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Organizations Filed Purposes: The mission of MidState Medical Center is to promote, restore, and maintain the health and well-being of the people of central Connecticut. That mission comes to life in the various ways hospital staff interacts with people beyond the walls of the institution. More than just a place to come for medical care, MidState holds in its mission a deep commitment to be there for the communities it serves by reaching out to people of all backgrounds and providing them with the guidance they need to live and maintain a healthy, active life.For many years, MidState has worked closely with the United Way of Meriden & Wallingford to assist in creating opportunities for a better tomorrow. MidState has been a staunch supporter of the United Way's LIVE UNITED CAMPAIGN, calling on hospital employees to be good stewards in our community.

The Digestive Health Center at MidState is a comprehensive resource for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a full range of gastrointestinal disorders that affect the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon. The staff provides first class care to all of our patients and works well together to provide a seamless transition from pre to post procedure and home care. Our staff ensures that each patient has a visit that is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. The Department cares for inpatients as well as an outpatient population. Along with providing upper endoscopies and colonoscopies, the department provides radiofrequency ablation for patients with high grade Barrett's Esophagus, Manometry and pH testing for patients with chronic motility and reflux problems and ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogram). Overall the department saw a total of 10,665 cases for fiscal year 2014 an increase of 320 cases from the previous year. This year only 32 of our patients were admitted post procedure. Digestive Health Center (DHC) - The Department continues to maintain and improve our relationships with both the Connecticut GI and Gastroenterology Specialists physicians. We welcomed a new physician Dr. Madhavi Bhoomagoud late in 2014 and she continues to grow her practice, becoming a valued member of the team. Another one of our physicians spoke to over 150 GI nurses and associates at the 2014 Fall Conference for the Connecticut GI Nurses and Associates addressing current challenges in Crohn's and Colitis care. The Organization works in collaboration with the Anesthesia department to provide the same level of care to our patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week whether in the actual Digestive Health area or traveling to the ER, ICU or OR areas.Electronic Health Records - The department has been using electronic health records for over 12 years. The Physicians and Multicare (nursing) records are interfaced to provide seamless charting from pre to intra and post care. In response to "The Joint" recommendations, the electronic medication reconciliations have also been implemented. Patient Satisfaction - The Endoscopy unit has continued to maintain consistently high Press Ganey Scores. We monitor monthly "likelihood of recommending center" and for FY2014 averaged 94.4%. Our "Overall care received" average for the year was 95.3 and our "wait time prior to procedure" was 90.6%. Community Outreach - March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month and in the spirit of sharing knowledge, the Digestive Health Center staff presented to our "MidState family" information on colon cancer screening. In May 2014, staff from DHC spoke at the Wallingford Senior Center Health Fair on GI Diseases. Additionally, RNs spoke at the Meriden Senior center and at local congregations. The DHC sponsored a GI conference in September 2014 where Dr. Kevin Jo spoke on the topic of Fecal Incontinence. Two of our nurses taught at the "Hands On" ERCP course in October 2014. Over 35 GI health professionals took advantage of this regionally recognized course.

Oncology Services at MidState Medical Center is a multi-discipline service line consisting of radiation oncology, medical oncology, support services and surgical services. Each patient seeking care for an oncological based health need is treated in a state of the art facility with physicians, nurses and support staff from Midstate Medical Center collaborating with our 4 other Hartford HealthCare partners. This collaboration operates in the form of cancer conferences and disease management teams through which a single standard of care is delivered at the highest quality. The oncology program at Midstate Medical Center strives to provide compassionate, high-quality care to all of its patients, regardless of their financial ability to pay for these services. The department provides a medical social worker who helps patients with financial assistance, stress management that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis as well as an onsite genetics counselor for a high risk program. In September 2014, Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute was certified as the charter member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer alliance. Overall, the total number of newly diagnosed cancers at Midstate Medical Center in calendar year 2014 was 593; a 5% increase over last year. These visits result in the multiple chemotherapy treatments, radiation therapy fractions and surgical procedures, though not every patient receives treatment for their cancer. Cancer Conferences - The organization's multidisciplinary approach to cancer care is highlighted through the cancer conferences in which patient's diagnosis and disease are discussed confidentially across the various disciplines. Imaging, pathology, medical and radiation oncology as well as surgery provide expertise to guide treatment options and plan the care needed to meet the standards of care outlined by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines. Accreditation - Our cancer program continues to strive towards re-accreditation and operates under the direction of the cancer committee which meets quarterly. In 2014, we formed a leadership committee overseeing the process of reviewing the new standards published by the American College of Cancer Commission on Cancer in an effort to receive re-accreditation in 2016. The Breast Program leadership was restructured to align with Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute's model and will seek re-accreditation late in Calendar year 2015. Community Outreach - Midstate Medical Center's cancer program has a robust community outreach program providing several opportunities for patients, caregivers and the community to participate at no cost. A few of these programs include: outreach to the Hispanic community, survivorship programs, integrative therapies and support groups. Through a grant, we were able to add an additional part-time outreach coordinator that will help facilitate programs, education and various other opportunities to establish support groups.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Lucille A Janatka President/CEO 20.00 $795,912
Steven Hanks MD VP, Medical Affairs 5.00 $791,359
John F Greene Jr Former VP, Medical Affairs 10.00 $483,613
Ralph W Becker VP & CFO (Thru Jan. 2014) 60.00 $429,221
Walter J Kupson III Medical Director Mediquick 60.00 $366,098
Harold Kaplan Former VP, Medical Affairs 5.00 $360,526
Mark Schaner Hospitalist 60.00 $318,262
Adwoa P Nyanin MD Hospitalist 60.00 $304,802
Cindy L Russo SVP, Operations 60.00 $296,600
Timothy M Pratt Hospitalist 60.00 $294,909
Joyce Akhtar Hospitalist 60.00 $283,455
Carolyn Freiheit VP, Finance 20.00 $268,027
Thomas Vaccarelli VP,Facilities & Support 5.00 $264,068
Catherine Stevens VP, Patient Care 60.00 $259,695
Mary Morgan VP,Human Resources 5.00 $247,186
Robert van Heiningen VP, HR (Thru Oct.2013) 60.00 $245,573
Joseph Vaccarelli Director, Lab 5.00 $217,890
Elizabeth C DeSanto In House General Counsel 60.00 $194,194
Donna Sassi MD Director, Surgery 60.00 $183,571
Robert Flade Director,Emergency Nursing 5.00 $181,548
Richard A Smith MD Dir, Pres. Medical Staff 20.00 $60,000
Lewis LevinMD Director (Thru Oct. 2103) 2.00 $1,600
James N Smith Secretary 2.00 $0
Joseph E Mirra Director 2.00 $0
Bruce C Eldridge Director 2.00 $0
Irfan S Chughtai MD Director 2.00 $0
Lawrence S Lazaroff Director 2.00 $0
Marcia B Proto Vice Chair 3.00 $0
James LPellegrino Director (Thru Nov. 2013) 2.00 $0
Giovanna T Weller Director 2.00 $0
Frederick Ulbrich III Director 2.00 $0
Carl D Grant Chair 3.00 $0
John W Redmond MD Director 2.00 $0
Christopher W Beale Director 2.00 $0

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