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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Hospital of Central Connecticut is dedicated to fostering, sustaining and improving the health status of the people in the communities we serve.

Emergency Department:For Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14), there were approximately 145 full-time employees (FTEs) in the Emergency Department for both Southington and New Britain campuses. Our ER team is committed to delivering quality medical care with high patient safety in a timely, efficient and professional manner while also exceeding the needs of our patients and private physicians.Trends in Emergency Department Volumes: This year our total patient visits for both campuses combined was over 105,304 This was a decrease of 1,760 patients or 1.6% from the previous year. The volumes were approximately 87,000 and 18,000 at the New Britain and Southington campuses respectively. The Department continues to manage staffing levels based upon census levels and trends to meet the demands of our patient volumes.

Radiology Department:Radiology derived information is an inextricable component of our patients'continuum of care. From screening exams to acute interventionary imaging, radiographic technology continued to evolve in 2014. Over 157,000 imaging exams were performed at the New Britain and Southington campuses. Of these, more than 80% were performed on our Outpatient population. There was a 1.9% overall decline in imaging exams in FY14 versus the prior year's due to the combined economic influences and judicious application of imaging and radiation exposure. Management continues to review and monitor satellite offices' volume and staffing levels in a continuous form to stay financially responsible to the organization and community.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Clarence Silvia Former - President & CEO 0.00 $3,225,335
Elliot T Joseph Director (Thru March 2014) 2.00 $2,195,321
Thomas Marchozzi Director (Thru March 2014) 2.00 $935,999
Lucille Janatka President/Director 30.00 $795,912
Steven D Hanks MD VP, Medical Affairs 60.00 $791,359
James F Flaherty MD Director, Surgical Oncology 60.00 $665,862
Jeffrey A Finkelstein MD Chief of ER 60.00 $638,019
Haklai P Lau MD Hospitalist 60.00 $616,216
Denise Peterson VP, Patient Care (Thru Oct. 2013) 60.00 $551,280
Hussein I Alahmadi MD Neurosurgeon 60.00 $463,642
Michael Balkunas Chief of Psychiatry 30.00 $461,249
David Buono MD Medical Director NBG ED 60.00 $458,882
Michael Grey Chief of Medicine (Thru April 2014) 60.00 $447,987
Justin B Lundbye MD Chief of Cardiology 60.00 $442,339
Ralph W Becker Former - CFO 0.00 $429,221
Eric H Hobert MD Medical Director BMH ED 60.00 $424,558
Rekhinder K Singh MD Chief of Surgery 60.00 $416,561
Steven A Godfrey MD VP, Analytics Support (Thru Dec.2013) 60.00 $408,049
Nancy Kroeber VP, Clinical Operations 60.00 $356,989
Joseph G Garner Chief of Medicine 30.00 $321,771
Nagwa Khadr MD Chief of Pediatrics (Thru Oct. 2014) 60.00 $318,905
Carolyn M Freiheit VP, Finance 30.00 $268,027
Elizabeth Schlaff Risk Manager/General Counsel 60.00 $265,731
Thomas Vaccarelli VP, Facilities 30.00 $264,068
Catherine Stevens VP, Patient Care 30.00 $259,695
Francis H Pinto Chief Info. Officer (Thru Nov. 2013) 60.00 $258,879
Mary J Morgan VP, Human Resources 30.00 $247,186
Joseph Vaccarelli Director, Lab 60.00 $217,890
Craig S Sterns Chief Info. Officer (Thru Dec. 2013) 60.00 $183,760
Donna Sassi Director, Surgery 60.00 $183,571
Robert Flade Director, Emergency Nursing 60.00 $181,548
John W Andreoli Jr MD Director (Thru Sept. 2014) 2.00 $0
Letterio Asciuto MD Director 2.00 $0
John E Dillaway Director 2.00 $0
Denise McNair Director 2.00 $0
Frank R Miller Director 2.00 $0
Marie S Gustin PHD Director 2.00 $0
Lindsley Wellman Director 2.00 $0
William W Weber Director 2.00 $0
George C Springer Jr Director 2.00 $0
Joseph Harrison MD Director 2.00 $0
John J Patrick Jr Director (Thru Nov. 2013)) 2.00 $0
Akella Sarma MD Director 2.00 $0
Joseph Voelker Chair 3.00 $0
Jason M Howey Director 2.00 $0

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