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Organizations Filed Purposes: 'Iolani was founded in 1863 after King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma set out to establish an Anglican Church in Hawaii. The school is rooted in three small schools - a Lahaina School on the island of Maui, St. Alban's College and 'Iolani College - formed duirng Hawaii's monarchy days. The school's campus was once located on the grounds of St. Andrew's Cathedral, moved to Nu'uanu, and then finally relocated In 1946 to its present 25-acre property. 'Iolani was originally an all-boys school, BUT became co-educational in 1979. Today, 'Iolani has more than 10,310 living alumni around the world. There are approximately 306 full-time faculty and staff dedicated to approximately 1,880 students from diverse backgrounds enrolled in grades k - 12. Roughly 700 part-time or seasonal teachers, aides, coaches, and staff supplement the school's expansive after-school, summer, performing arts, athletic and extra-curricular programs. During the summer, students from throughout the state and around the wo

'Iolani offers an extensive summer and after school program with reinforcement, enrichment, elective and credit courses. These courses are open to students from all schools and are available on a first come first serve registration basis. From dance, physical education, art, math, reading, robotics, video game design, SAT preparation classes, more than 3,500 STUDENTS enroll each year IN 'IOLANI'S SUMMER AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS. Many students come from the U.S. mainland and Asia to enroll their children in 'Iolani's summer programs, which employs teachers who are employed by 'Iolani, other independent schools, and public schools. In addition, the KA'I PROGRAM is a summer mentoring partnership between 'Iolani and Jarrett Middle School, a neighboring public middle school. The Performing Arts Department at 'Iolani offers orchestra, dance (hula, ballet, jazz), stage band, marching band, jazz band, theater, musical theater, and choir. These different disciplines showcase their students' abilities through performances held either on campus or at theaters and other venues in the community. These groups also travel to the mainland and foreign countries to perform. A fall play and spring musical are presented each year and auditions are open to all students in Upper School and, if required by the production, the Lower School. Guest artists/teachers visit the school through sponsorship under the Tam & Young Arts Chair.

'Iolani is a member of the Interscholastic League of Honolulu (ILH). All participants are expected to fulfill all athletic requirements, to display good sportsmanship, and to follow the program set forth by coaches and the athletic department. There are 17 varsity sports for boys and girls, as well as many sports in the junior varsity and intermediate grade levels. In 2013-14, 948 students, or 71.3%, of the student body in grades seven through twelve participated in athletic programs. 'Iolani won six ILH championships and two state championships. For the lower grade levels, 'Iolani participates in the Christian Schools Athletic League for basketball and baseball. There are also opportunities for youngsters to participate in intramural sports. The campus hosts numerous athletic tournaments and sporting games, which schools and teams from across the state and around the world participate in. Some examples of how the school shares its resources include: the 'Iolani Classic Basketball Tournament, State Forensics Tournament, 'Iolani Invitational Cross Country Meet, Hawaii Educational Summit, and many more.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Timothy R Cottrell Head of School 40.0 $371,222
Val T Iwashita ADVISOR TO HEAD OF SCHOOL 40.0 $358,470
Glenn NCK Ching DIR OF FINANCE/ADVISOR TO CFO 40.0 $203,019
Deborah Hall Faculty 40.0 $194,283
Ann Yoneshige Director of Special Programs 40.0 $181,646
Gerald M Teramae Dean of Lower School 40.0 $176,860
Carey Inouye Dean of Instruction 40.0 $174,108
Jenai S Wall Board of Governors Chairman 1.0 $0
Mark M Mugiishi Board of Governors Vice Chairm 1.0 $0
Donald G Horner Board of Governors Treasurer 1.0 $0
Steven C Ai Board of Governors Secretary 1.0 $0
Stanley Y Mukai Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Dudley SJ Seto Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Ken Kawahara Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Guy Kamitaki Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
RIGHT REV ROBERT L FITZPATRICK Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Earl M Ching Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Thomas B Fargo Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Mufi Hannemann Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Warren H Haruki Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
David C Hulihee Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Melvin Kaneshige Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
James Kawashima Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Bill D Mills Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Calvin S Oishi Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Russell K Saito Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Lisa MK Sakamoto Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Donald M Takaki Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Peter Tomozawa Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Mark H Yamakawa Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0
Cathy Bell Member of Board of Governors 1.0 $0

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