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Organizations Filed Purposes: Our mission is to conserve and study certain raptors, as well as prevent their extinction. Raptors are among the critical components of our natural world and cultural heritage, and they assist humans in understanding their interdependence with nature and the environment. Through our programs, we seek to advance the knowledge of avian biology, ecology, and conservation through research, training and education. As a result, we seek to improve global environmental health and to conserve biological diversity.

Conservation Programs - Since founding in 1970, about 105 raptor species in at least 66 countries have benefitted from field research and hands-on recovery efforts by the organization. This year The Peregrine Fund was involved in raptor research, graduate studies, and conservation projects in 18 countries on four continents. Training and support were provided to 22 students conducting graduate thesis research projects and doctoral and master's studies, all in their native countries; since beginning, 25 students have graduated with PhD degrees and 70 with MSc degrees. This year, two pairs of previously released young of the critically endangered Ridgway's Hawk bred successfully in the wild in the Dominican Republic in an experimental assisted dispersal project, and a record 29 young were released to help establish a new population. Five Orange-breasted Falcon chicks, hatched in captivity, were released into the wild in Belize, and surveys were conducted for nesting falcons in Belize and Guatemala. Captive-bred and wild-hatched Harpy Eagles were tracked and observed in the forests of Darien, Panama using radio telemetry, and public educational campaigns were conducted to reduce shooting of this threatened species. Seven graduate students were supported in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia and Ecuador, and one graduated with his PhD degree. Four students conducted field studies for graduate or post-graduate degrees benefitting vulture conservation in Kenya and understanding of Eleonora's Falcon migration. In Madagascar, work continued to set aside globally significant wetlands and forests, monitor rare and endangered raptor species, assist captive breeding of critically endangered species, support eight graduate students' studies, and work with local communities to develop new income sources while protecting traditional customs and practices. Financial and technical support was given to the Philippine Eagle Foundation for work including captive breeding and release of Philippine Eagles, public education, conservation of critical habitat, and telemetry studies on wild eagles. Annual breeding population surveys of critically endangered Gyps vultures were completed in India, Pakistan, and Nepal that revealed stabilizing populations after the catastrophic declines recorded due to the use of veterinary diclofenac in livestock. Key presentations were given to the Eighth Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network conference in Pune, India, and several papers were given at the joint Neotropical Raptor Network (also a Peregrine Fund project) and Raptor Research Foundation conference in Argentina. The American Kestrel Partnership was expanded to understand the species' decline on a continental scale. The first meeting of the Tundra Conservation Network was convened, and the first season of study to understand how the Gyrfalcon responds to impacts of climate change was completed in Alaska. Studies on the effects of wind turbines on raptor mortality, and golden eagle distributions were also conducted. Aplomado Falcon surveys found 31 pairs in South Texas and a total of 45 young were produced.

Education / Information - The Education Program at The Peregrine Fund's World Center for Birds of Prey provides cultural and educational opportunities to the greater Treasure Valley, Idaho, and beyond. With a growing population, complicated land use patterns, and the need to increase the public's awareness of natural systems, we provide information for students and individuals to make wise decisions and have a positive impact on our environment. In FY2014 we hosted 30,000 visitors at our Interpretive Center. We also continued our school-endorsed programs which are geared to K-12 students in Idaho. These programs have been designed by educators and biologists to meet STEM standards and provide valuable scientific content for visiting students and teachers. In 2014 we reached 6,000 students through a combination of on-and-off site programming. Calendars, annual reports, news releases, brochures and other materials are updated annually and made available to the public. The Peregrine Fund's online audience logged about 750,000 page views of our webcams trained on Peregrine Falcons and American Kestrels that show them courting, nesting, and raising young each spring. Year-round, viewers access Explore Raptors, a user-friendly guide for all ages to identify and learn about raptor species. For users seeking more technical information, our Global Raptor Information Network presents academic species accounts and bibliographies of published works on 333 raptor species. Journal articles from The Peregrine Fund's library may be requested; this year staff supplied 492 articles to researchers worldwide free of charge. Visitors to the Archives of Falconry learn about the role of falconers in raptor conservation and habitat protection. The website provides tools to join, subscribe to e-newsletters, shop for raptor-related merchandise, and track donations. The organization has 27,836 followers on its 5 Facebook pages and 2,032 followers on Twitter.

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Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
J Peter Jenny President 40 $236,257
Richard T Watson PhD Vice-President 40 $153,548
Geoffrey Pampush Development Director 40 $139,616
Paxson H Offield Director 1 $0
Calen B Offield Director 1 $0
Ian Newton D Phil D Sc FRS Director 1 $0
Ruth O Mutch Director 1 $0
Carter R Montgomery Director 1 $0
Ambrose K Monell Director 1 $0
Lucia Liu Severinghaus PhD Director 1 $0
Catherine A Stevens Director 1 $0
R Beauregard Turner Director 1 $0
James D Weaver Director 1 $0
Carl E Navarre Chairman 1 $0
Steven P Thompson Vice Chairman 1 $0
Patricia B Manigault Treasurer 0 $0
Samuel Gary Jr Secretary 1 $0
Jacabo Lacs Director 1 $0
Robert Wood Johnson IV Director 1 $0
Karen J Hixon Director 1 $0
Robert B Berry Director 1 $0
Harry L Bettis Director 1 $0
P Dee Boersma PhD Director 1 $0
Frank M Bond Director 1 $0
Tom J Cade PhD Founding Chairman 1 $0
Virginia H Carter Director 1 $0
Robert J Collins Director 1 $0
Robert S Comstock Director 1 $0
Dr William E Cornatzer Director 1 $0
Derek J Craighead Director 1 $0
Scott A Crozier Director 1 $0
Ralph H Duggins Director 1 $0
James H Enderson PhD Director 1 $0
Caroline A Forgason Director 1 $0
Mark R Fuller Director 1 $0
Victor L Gonzalez Director 1 $0
Lee M Bass Director 1 $0

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