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Organizations Filed Purposes: To advance members and healthcare management excellence.

Healthcare Executive is the premier healthcare management periodical in the industry, providing industry leaders with the most current trends that directly affect the daily challenges they face. The magazine focuses on critical industry topics, best practices and management advice, strategies, and real-world solutions for meeting evolving challenges.

American College of Healthcare Executives provides the tools needed to manage the healthcare executive's career by offering workshops covering leadership, management skills and career planning.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Deborah Jean Bowen FACHE President and CEO 20.00 $990,455
Elizabeth A Summy CAE Executive Vice President and COO 20.00 $368,148
Cynthia A Hahn FACHE CAE Senior VP - Membership 40.00 $259,302
Thom D Freyer FACHE CAE Senior VP - Regional Services 40.00 $251,304
Maureen C Glass FACHE CAE VP - Health Admin Press 0.10 $243,105
Edmund J Dietrich FACHE CPA Vice President and CFO 20.00 $228,869
Kimberly J Mosley CAE VP - Management Info Sys/CIO 40.00 $197,543
Susan E Lawler PhD VP - Professional Development 0.10 $197,178
Lisa Freund FACHE VP - Communications and Marketing 40.00 $188,624
James A Polous Associate Director, MIS 40.00 $141,711
Desmond J Ryan FACHE Associate Director, Region Services 40.00 $132,572
Christine M Sawyer CAE Associate Dir., Finance and Admin. 40.00 $131,209
Heidi Korthase CAE Assistant Director, MIS 40.00 $129,976
Michael A Broscio Director, CRC 40.00 $122,141
Christine Candio FACHE Chairman Elect/Chairman 5.00 $5,375
Marcel C Loh FACHE Governor 5.00 $1,216
Richard D Cordova FACHE Governor/Chairman Elect 5.00 $1,002
Diana M Smalley FACHE Chairman/Immediate Past Chairman 5.00 $987
John L Harrington Jr FACHE Governor 5.00 $694
Charles D Stokes FACHE Governor 5.00 $604
Sunil K Sinha MD FACHE Governor 5.00 $600
Lori L Wightman FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
Gayle L Capozzalo FACHE Immediate Past Chairman 5.00 $0
Kathleen A Bizarro FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
CAPT Robert S Fry PhD FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
Michael Alan King FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
James W Connolly FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
David A Olson FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
Timothy A Ols FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
Andrea R Price FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
Vanda L Scott EdD FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
Christine C Winn FACHE Governor 5.00 $0
Stephen C Waldhoff FACHE Governor 5.00 $0

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