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Organizations Filed Purposes: Baptist Physicians Southeast, Inc. is organized and operated to provide healthcare facilities and services including but not limited to physician services, primary care centers, special health clinics, and urgent care centers. It serves as an instrument to assist, advance and strengthen Baptist Health Corbin in its mission and ministry of healing and to support the charitable activities and operations of Baptist Healthcare System, Inc. It also will participate in any activities designed and carried on to promote the general health of the community.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Pramod Reddy Physician 40.0 $1,112,411
Tommy Smith FMR Dir/Chair (thru 3/25/13) 1.0 $1,082,920
Harold Reedy Jr Physician 40.0 $834,605
Carl Herde Treasurer 1.0 $798,609
Khalid Chaudry Physician 40.0 $775,249
William Daniel II Physician 40.0 $767,067
Lonnie Bargo Physician 40.0 $762,817
Janet Norton Secretary 1.0 $552,144
Larry Gray President 40.0 $419,889
Tom Davis Director/Chair 1.0 $3,000
John Logan eff 1114 Director 1.0 $3,000
Guy Jones Director 1.0 $3,000
Jerry Jackson Director (thru 12/31/13) 1.0 $3,000
Isaac Myers MD eff 52814 Vice President 1.0 $0

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