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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes including the following, to (i) maintain the reliability of the bulk power and transmission system in New England by, among other things, exercising operational authority over the bulk transmission facilities, (ii) administer and seek to enhance sustainable, competitive and efficient energy markets, and (iii) provide non-discriminatory, open-access transmission service.

Reference Line 4b: The management of a comprehensive regional bulk power system planning process (referenced to as the Reliability Administration Services or "RAS") including: the administration of the Reliability Markets (and facilitate reliability-associated transactions and arrangements) in accordance with ISO New England's Administrative Cost Services Tariff and the corresponding rules promulgated thereunder, and to provide other reliability and informational services.

Reference Line 4c: Ensure the efficient use and reliable operation of New England's electricity transmission system. The Scheduling, System Control and Dispatch Service (referenced to as "Scheduling Service") is the service required to schedule at the regional level the movement of power through, out of, within or into the New England Control Area.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Gordon van Welie President, and Chief Executive Officer 45 $1,813,437
Vamsi K Chadalavada Executive V.P. and Chief Operating Officer 45 $1,230,649
David LaPlante V.P. Market Monitoring 45 $948,519
Robert C Ludlow V.P. Chief Financial & Compliance Officer 45 $853,241
Jamshid A Afnan V.P. Information Services 45 $833,479
Raymond W Hepper V.P. General Counsel and Corp. Secretary 45 $770,732
Peter T Brandien V.P. System Operations 45 $720,615
Janice S Dickstein V.P. Human Resources 45 $700,592
Stephen J Rourke V.P. System Planning 49 $660,541
Robert G Ethier V.P. Market Operations 45 $650,521
Kevin A Kirby V.P. Market Operations 45 $616,039
Eugene Litvinov Chief Technologist 40 $594,905
John M Simonelli Director, Operations Support Services 44 $556,081
Anne C George V.P. External Affairs & Corp. Communications 45 $535,316
John Norden Director, Operations 50 $531,554
Michael I Henderson Director, Regional Planning & Coordination 46 $522,995
Mark G Karl V.P. Market Development 45 $515,822
Richard V Kowalski Director, Transmission Strategy & Services 45 $474,033
Hung-po Chao Director, Market Strategy & Analysis 45 $460,143
Maria Gulluni Deputy General Counsel & Assistant Secretary 45 $446,792
Shannon Carey Director, Market Analysis & Settlements 41 $427,861
David M Hameedy Director, Program Management Office 40 $414,640
Matthew White Chief Economist 46 $395,408
Matthew F Goldberg Director, Reliability & Operations Compliance 43 $384,484
Raymond Curry Director, Internal Audit 49 $348,350
Jeffrey McDonald V.P. Market Monitoring 45 $338,604
Henry Yoshimura Director, Demand Resource Strategy 44 $336,077
Michael N Taniwha IT Director, Development & Power Syst Support 40 $325,238
Kerim May Senior Regulatory Counsel 46 $307,190
Theodore Paradise Assistant General Counsel - Operations & Planning 45 $303,423
Brent Oberlin Director, Transmission Planning 48 $294,520
Lorraine Brady Corporate Assistant & Assistant Secretary 40 $153,300
Philip Shapiro Chair, Board of Directors 8 $124,175
Barney Rush Director 8 $121,625
Roberta S Brown Director 8 $118,125
Raymond Hill Director 8 $114,125
Christopher Wilson Director 8 $114,025
Vickie VanZandt Director 8 $112,125
Kathleen Q Abernathy Director 7 $103,300
Paul F Levy Director 6 $99,308
Roberto R Denis Director 6 $35,600
Kathryn J Jackson Chair, Board of Directors 11 $27,117

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