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Organizations Filed Purposes: Mount Holyoke College is a highly selective, nondenominational, residential, research liberal arts college for women. The College's long, distinguished history of educating leaders arises from a powerful combination of academic excellence in a global learning environment. As the first of the Seven Sisters-the female equivalent of the once predominantly male Ivy League-Mount Holyoke has led the way in women's education, preparing students for purposeful engagement in the world.

*Student Services and Residential Life* Engagement, peer mentorship and self governance are the foundations of Mount Holyoke's residential program. To this end, most residence halls house members of all four classes. Approximately one-fourth of the rooms in each residence hall are for entering students. The result is an interesting blend of experience within each residence hall. The College offers housing in many configurations to meet the developing needs of students. Each residence hall is unique in design and character. Along with being committed to academic success, Mount Holyoke cares about the overall well being of students. The College offers a range of health, counseling and public safety services to support the needs of its students. The Office of Student Programs supports 150 student organizations and presents a wide array of cultural, entertainment and social events, in addition to advising on event planning, new ideas, leadership skills and general student organization dynamics.

*Dining Services* At Mount Holyoke College, dining is an integral part of a student's educational experience. Students meet at mealtimes in friendly conversation, often with faculty as their invited guests. This hospitality and exchange is an important tradition on campus. Dining Services is responsible for administering a comprehensive board program in six residential dining locations, the Kendade Atrium Cafe, and the campus café, and is responsible for all campus center cash operations, vending, a bakery, and a warehouse. The qualified and experienced culinary production and service staff are committed to providing high quality and nutritious food in all dining operations.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Lynn Pasquerella President 40 $522,090
MaryAnne Young Vice President for Advancement 40 $275,095
Diane Anci VP for Enrollment & Dean of Admission 40 $229,609
Christopher Benfey Former VP for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty 40 $219,591
Cerri Banks VP for Student Affairs & Dean of the College 40 $214,757
Eva Paus Professor of Economics & Dir of Ctr for Global Initiatives 40 $199,043
Charles Ramsay Director Principal Gifts and International Advancement 40 $181,884
John Stomberg Director of Art Museum 40 $177,013
Janice Gifford Professor of Statistics & Assoc. Dean of Faculty 40 $173,546
Melinda Darby Dyar Professor & Chair of Astronomy 40 $159,906
Sonya Stephens VP for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty 40 $143,128
Sarah Sutherland Former Secretary of the College 40 $142,441
Lenore Reilly Secretary of the College 40 $129,227
Benjamin Hammond Former VP for Finance & Administration & Treasurer 40 $128,672
Shannon D Gurek VP for Finance & Administration & Treasurer 40 $105,896
Ann Blake Alumna Trustee 2 $500
Kaitlyn Szydlowski Trustee 2 $0
Marija Tesla Trustee 2 $0
David Wilson Trustee 2 $0
Margaret L Wolff Vice Chair, Board of Trustees 6 $0
Sarah Xefos Trustee 2 $0
Barbara Moakler Byrne Trustee 6 $0
Christine Hutchins VP for Marketing & Communications 40 $0
Karena Strella Trustee 2 $0
James Streibich Trustee 2 $0
Ellen J Flannery Trustee 2 $0
Helen Gannon Drinan Trustee 2 $0
Sarah Miller Coulson Trustee 2 $0
Ellen M Cosgrove Trustee 2 $0
Katherine E Collins Trustee 2 $0
Debra Martin Chase Trustee 2 $0
Catherine Burke Alumna Trustee 2 $0
Susan Bateson Trustee 2 $0
Jeanne E Amster Trustee 4 $0
Elizabeth Onyemelukwe Garner Alumna Trustee 2 $0
Suzanne A George Alumna Trustee 2 $0
Cynthia L Reed Alumna Trustee 4 $0
Elizabeth A Palmer Trustee 6 $0
Ellen Hyde Pace Alumna Trustee 2 $0
Richard E Neal Trustee 2 $0
Guy R Martin Trustee 4 $0
Chau Ly Trustee 2 $0
Mindy McWilliams Lewis Trustee 4 $0
Heather Harde Trustee 2 $0
Elizabeth Cochary Gross Trustee 2 $0
Mary Graham Davis Chair, Board of Trustees 8 $0

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