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Organizations Filed Purposes: As a proud member of MedStar Health, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital's (MUMH) mission is to be a comprehensive hospital with regional specialty services of distinction and quality community services, all enhanced by clinical education and research. MUMH is an acute care hospital located in the north-central section of Baltimore City, Maryland. In fiscal year 2014, MUMH had 12,811 inpatient admissions, 297,182 outpatient visits, and 59,007 emergency visits.

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital provided $17.8M in health professions education in fiscal year 2014. This category includes training in graduate medical education, education for physicians, medical students, nurses, and other health professions.

MedStar Union Memorial Hospital provided $17.6M in subsidized (mission driven) health services in fiscal year 2014. These critical services, which are driven by community needs, operate at a loss. They address priorities primarily through disease prevention and improvement of health status. Services provided include hospitalists, emergency room physician subsidies, outpatient renal services, and pediatric emergency room services.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Kenneth A Samet DIRECTOR 1.0 $3,395,806
John Wang Physician 40.0 $1,346,383
Frank Ebert Physician 40.0 $1,346,079
Henry Boucher Physician 40.0 $1,174,616
Anand Murthi Medical Director 40.0 $1,038,648
Richard Levine Medical Director 40.0 $985,661
Michael Fiocco DIRECTOR 40.0 $803,442
Bradley S Chambers President 40.0 $783,477
STUART BELL Former OFFICER 40.0 $564,103
Cynthia Webb DIRECTOR 1.0 $481,111
JOSEPH SMITH Officer/CFO 40.0 $362,417
Harrison Rider Former Officer 40.0 $279,495
Sharon Bottcher Vice President 40.0 $265,113
Neil MacDonald Vice President 40.0 $254,013
Stephen Koenigsberg Vice President 40.0 $226,251
Christopher D Kearney DIRECTOR 40.0 $219,098
Cheryl Lunnen Former Key Employee 40.0 $213,253
Peter J Sloane DIRECTOR 40.0 $107,775
Michael Randolph DIRECTOR 40.0 $39,998
David Norris Willis DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Eben D Finney III DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Timothy DA Chriss DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Derrick A Adams DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Savas J Karas DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Thomas P O'Neill DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Nancy Perry DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
John A Wolf DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Christopher G Wunder DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
William F Rienhoff IV DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
James R Paquette DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Dawn M Motovidlak DIRECTOR 1.0 $0
Peter R Fenwick DIRECTOR 1.0 $0

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