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Organizations Filed Purposes: See Schedule OGBMC Investments, Inc. is organized and operated exclusively as a charitable organization for the following purposes:(1) To receive from the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc. ("the Hospital") and any other person, firm or corporation property which constitutes the endowment or other funds of said hospital or any entity affiliated with the Hospital and recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or which by gift, bequest or otherwise is dedicated to the support or benefit of the Hospital or any affiliate or for activities or programs which support or benefit, directly or indirectly, the Hospital or any affiliate;(2) To acquire, own, hold, manage, invest, and reinvest all such property received by it from the Hospital, any affiliate and others;(3) To use and apply the net income and the principal of all such property in such manner and at such times as the corporation may deem best for the support or benefit of the Hospital or any affiliate;(4) To a

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Mr Keith R Poisson EVP & COO GBMC Healthcare 10.00 $1,186,463
John B Chessare MD President/CEO GBMC Healthcare 10.00 $986,676
John R Saunders MD VP Medical Affairs & CMO 1.00 $711,377
Mr Eric L Melchior EVP & CFO GBMC Healthcare 10.00 $700,727
Mr George E Bayless III VP Finance GBMC Healthcare 5.00 $503,689
Ronald F Trutone Jr MD Former Director/GBMC Research Chair 0.00 $300,000
Harold Tucker MD Chief of Staff 1.00 $130,000
John M Wogan MD Vice Chief of Staff 1.00 $20,000
Ms Marion G Thompson Director 1.00 $0
Mr Steven A Thomas Director 1.00 $0
Mr Harry S Johnson Chair 1.00 $0
Ms Patricia J Mitchell Vice Chair 1.00 $0
Mr Stephen T Scott Treasurer 1.00 $0
Ms Bonnie R Stein Chair-Elect 1.00 $0
Ms Mary B Wieler Secretary 1.00 $0
Mr James B Stradtner Director 1.00 $0
Mr Stuart O Simms Director 1.00 $0
Mr Robert A Shelton Director 1.00 $0
Mr Herbert J Belgrad Director 1.00 $0
Ms Sandra Berman Director 1.00 $0
Ms Kara C King Bess Director 1.00 $0
Robert K Brookland MD Director 1.00 $0
Mr Samuel Heffner Director 1.00 $0
Mr Frederick M Hudson Director 1.00 $0
Theda C Kontis MD Director 1.00 $0
Mr Timothy L Krongard Director 1.00 $0
Mr Benjamin F Lucas II Director 1.00 $0
Mr Thomas H Maddux Director 1.00 $0
Mr Anthony Milando Director 1.00 $0
Ms Jeannette M Mills Director 1.00 $0
Mr Thomas J O'Donnell Jr Director 1.00 $0
Mr Frank R Palmer Director 1.00 $0
Honorable Vicki Ballou-Watts Director 1.00 $0

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