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Organizations Filed Purposes: The mission is to invest in people and strategies that build philanthropy and promote racial, social and economic equity in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

EDUCATION: This program area focuses on addressing issues that ensure improved education outcomes leading to participation in higher education and employment. The goals are to increase student learning and improve indicators such as high school graduation rates, college-readiness, and work readiness across the Mid South. Several approaches are utilized to reach this goal: Expanding the skills and capacity of students and support groups, as well as organizations that support student learning in other mediums beyond the classroom. The Foundation partners with groups and organizations that seek to enhance the student learning experience. Through lessons learned, the Foundation found that supporting learning enrichment activities that worked collaboratively with school work plans also contributed to student performance. Expanding learning opportunities opens the traditional boundaries of education to support learning anytime and everywhere through technology, and other innovative approaches such as tutoring, mentoring, and coaching. From science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to the arts, wellness, and global competence, afterschool and summer learning programs to promote an array of essential capabilities. Recognizing these challenges, the Foundation identified grantees in the region to help improve these key metrics in Jackson, MS, Pine Bluff, AR, and Monroe and Shreveport, LA. They provide activities and support that furthers the classroom experience and enhance parent learning and understanding of education issues. The Foundation is focusing on K-16 partnership to improve graduation and work readiness outcomes. Throughout this first phase the Foundation has partnered with organizations that currently work with black males and are supporting the expansion of their work. Also, the Foundation is evaluating the effects of mentoring, tutoring, and other enrichment or self-development supports on graduation outcomes.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: This priority area focuses on improving health in the Mid South and promoting the broader definition of health - not as a separate issue, but as an interrelated part of improving our region. Recognizing that health is integral to the progress of the region, the goal is to improve individual and community health outcomes. In an effort to identify best practices to decrease obesity and improve health outcomes for African American women, the Foundation for the Mid South (Foundation) partnered with current partners/grantees and new national partners, such as American Heart Association, American Lung Association, America's Blood Centers and the YMCA. By working together across the region, we have the potential to impact over 10,000 women and their families. Recognizing that stressors contribute to poor mental health, lack of employment, financial insecurity and poor self-image; the Foundation hosted and supported several activities to reduce stressors among males of color ages 16 -24. These included: participating in a social media conversation to dialogue about understanding and perception of mental health; providing financial training to foster youth, disseminating information on identifying and coping with stressors to high school students; and providing employability skills to unemployed and low-skilled workers, as well as enrichment activities, which include cultural arts. Also, the Foundation worked with the Department of Health, and other community organizations to support open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act. The goal was to decrease the number of uninsured residents in our region.

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Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Dr Ivye L Allen President 50.00 $205,475
Kimberly M McMillan Director of Finance 45.00 $105,666
Theodore Bunting Board Member 1.00 $0
Victor McTeer Board Member 1.00 $0
James Rutherford Board Member 1.00 $0
Sip Mouden Board Member 1.00 $0
Kay Kelley Arnold Chair 1.00 $0
Paul Davis Past Chair 1.00 $0
Carla Martin Secretary 1.00 $0
C Chad Causey Treasurer 1.00 $0
Robert Jackson Vice Chair 1.00 $0

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