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The Global Supply Chain Marketing and Cotton Management Systems (CMS) Divisions comprise the Global Supply Chain Marketing Program Committee. Over the course of 2014, the Global Supply Chain Marketing (GSCM) Division executed a range of educational programs for industry, advanced the concept of cotton sustainability, and obtained technology adoptions for cotton by well-known brands and retailers. The Great Ideas in Cotton Conference was developed and executed by the division staff as a premier event to promote technology, fashion and sustainability strategies to the industry. Participation in the event numbered nearly 300 participants from 119 companies and 11 countries. The conference included technology and fashion exhibits as well as a Presidents Dinner featuring cotton leadership and top executives from Hong Kong and Asia-based companies. Several adoptions of Cotton Incorporated technologies were achieved in 2014 with companies such as Brooks Running, Exit, The North Face, Eddie Bauer; and the Nicklaus, Callaway, Ben Hogan, and PGA Tour golf apparel brands. Significant adoptions of cotton were achieved in the nonwovens market, as well, with the introduction of new cotton-containing diapers and hygiene products at CVS and Target stores. The Farm Tours program sponsored by the Importer Support Program was offered to 62 individuals from 29 brands and retailers as a means of providing a face-to-face opportunity to meet with cotton producers, and tour farm, gin, warehousing, and classing office facilities. The Cotton LEADS program builds on the need to make retailers and brands more aware of the science and best practices used in the U.S. Cotton LEADS continues to move forward and in 2014 staff were dedicated to promoting and developing this program. There are now 248 companies worldwide that have signed on as partners in the program. Our partner organizations in Australia have funded joint promotions efforts at major trade events and have worked side-by-side with Cotton Incorporated, the National Cotton Council, and Cotton Council International to promote the program. Through staff efforts in 2014, the USDA designated cotton from Cotton LEADS countries as certified under the USDAs BioPreferred Program. Cotton University, a major initiative of the Importer Support Program and the Global Supply Chain Marketing division grew to include more than 9,000 registered users, nearly a 100% increase in users over last year. Cotton University has evolved as a major marketing platform for reaching industry personnel involved with product development and sourcing of cotton products. CMS addresses two categories: Software Development and Maintenance, and Customer Service and marketing to the fiber processing links of the global cotton supply chain. Software Development and Maintenance includes ensuring through updates that MILLNet software applications are compliant with new hardware and operating systems, and that they meet changing customer needs in global markets; evaluating the contribution of MILLNet software to new bale flow systems; and studying low volume instrument measurements of cotton bales that lack high volume instrument data. The Customer Service and Marketing function of the division includes: on-site service visits to EFS licensees; customer support through telephone, e-mail and TeamViewer; the identification, signing, and training of new EFS licensees; and the development of EFS Value Metrics and Financial Models. Among the accomplishments of the Customer Service and Marketing arm of the division in 2014 were the completion of all on-site service visits, except for Thailand, where a user group seminar was arranged at the Hong Kong office due to political instability in Thailand. Software updates were installed during each service visit. Support to more than 2,500 customers was provided over the course of the year, as needed. The department also completed the initial development of new MILLNet marketing materials, as well as a cooperative internet portal with Agricultural and Environmental Research. Four new EFS licensees came onboard in 2014; all related installations and training were completed. Rounding out the department highlights for past year was the completion of the first EFS evaluation study.

The Research and Development Committee is comprised of the Product Development and Implmentation as well as the Fiber Quality Research Divisions. Product Development and Implementation (PDI) focused on three objectives: 1) the identification of and research into technology innovations that can preserve or grow market share for cotton; and 2) the optimization and implementation of products and technologies that can advance cotton in global markets; and 3) providing technical assistance and training, and participate in key industry forums. Due to the increased interest in eliminating certain chemistries traditionally used in textile technologies, PDI undertook research and successfully developed non-fluorine alternatives to the water-repellant finishes used in the TransDRY and STORM technologies. Research is also underway to find suitable replacement chemistry for WICKING WINDOWS. Evaluations of products continue to optimize performance and compatibility with other performance finishes. Another chemical of high concern for the cotton industry is formaldehyde, which is released after cotton fabrics and garments are finished for wrinkle resistance. Since most of those chemical developments come from Europe, a two-week trip was conducted to meet with the major suppliers of such products to learn any new progress made in the elimination or reduction of formaldehyde for this important market category. In addition, experimentation is continuing in-house and with research partners. Other developments currently being researched for performance finishes include thermal regulation, antimicrobial functions, dyeing and finishing in one stage, and cotton comfort evaluations. Over the course of the year, Textile Chemistry Research achieved promising results using water-less technology that had been developed for polyester that may lead to the technologys adaptation for cotton dyeing. The division was active at industry events, attending the major textile trade shows around the world. At the Intertextile Trade Show, alone, PDI met with more than 376 people from 95 companies. In addition, staff participated in the Cotton USA mill tour to China; provided expertise and support to the 2014 Importer Support Program workshops, as well as educational outreach through Cotton University. For 2014, Fiber Quailty Research, made progress in improving breeder sample protocols and testing. For improving breeder sample testing efforts, researchers used a Favimat (individual fiber tensile tester) to show that individual fiber elongation and strength are positively correlated. This means that it is feasible to produce fibers that are strong and have good elongation. Additional studies were mentioned that continue to show that fiber elongation is more critical than fiber strength for cotton to survive fiber processing stresses. Part of these findings came from a U.S./Australia funded Fiber Quality Fellowship that allowed a Texas Tech researcher to work in Australia for three months. A new experimental system for bias-free length measurement was developed by the department. The system uses electrostatic charges to lengthen the individual fibers. Solid progress is being made with the design and construction. To address accurate testing, two new potential measurements projects were initiated in 2014. One attempted to measure extraneous matter in cotton. It has proved successful at effectively analyzing different types of trash and is an improvement on the current measurement system. The second project entailed using ozone to measure soils on clothing, but is encountering some measurement challenges. Two new prototype samplers for the CottonScope using a corer punch have been designed and built and will undergo evaluations. This device will potentially replace the guillotine style sampler in use today. The laundry study added 1,080 more loads of laundry for 2014. Overall the results show little impact from low water on most clothing attributes, but issues related to color transfer and stain removal in low water may emerge. In 2014 the department purchased a Karl Fischer Titrator, which will be vital in the measurement of moisture content in cotton and other analytical testing. Over the course of the year, a variety of proficiency testing trials were completed in fiber, yarn, and fabric to help ensure that the lab instruments and lab staff are performing at optimal levels.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
J Berrye Worsham President & CEO 40.0 $692,140
Mark Messura SR. VP Global Supply Chain 40.0 $347,368
Richmond Hendee SR. VP Consumer MKTG. 40.0 $340,549
Kater Hake VP Agriculture/Environment 40.0 $339,438
David Byrd SR. VP & Cfo 40.0 $315,381
John Morgans VP Administration 40.0 $268,103
Michael Watson VP Fiber Competition 40.0 $239,785
Robert Tyndall VP Prod Dev & Implem. 40.0 $226,669
Kimberly S Kitchings VP., Corp. Strategy 40.0 $219,557
Edward Barnes SR. Dir., AG/Envir Research 40.0 $198,540
GLENN SCIACHITANO sr. dir. advertising 40.0 $186,310
Wentao Zheng Manager, EFS 40.0 $181,973
Buddy Allen Board Member 1.0 $0
Albert Andel Board Member 1.0 $0
Lloyd Arthur Board Member 1.0 $0
Coley Bailey Board Member 1.0 $0
Allen Below Board Member 1.0 $0
Marvin Beyer Board Member 1.0 $0
Frank Bezner Board Member 1.0 $0
Andrew Burleson Board Member 1.0 $0
Larry Burns Board Member 1.0 $0
Malcolm Calhoun Board Member 1.0 $0
Link Carlton Board Member 1.0 $0
Steven Clay Board Member 1.0 $0
Ron Coley Board Member 1.0 $0
Jason Condrey Board Member 1.0 $0
John Crapse Board Member 1.0 $0
Johnny Crawford Board Member 1.0 $0
John Cromley Board Member 1.0 $0
Jerry Davis Board Member 1.0 $0
Hugh Dollar Board Member 1.0 $0
Steven Droke Board Member 1.0 $0
David Dunlow Board Member 1.0 $0
Kenton Dunn Board Member 1.0 $0
Philip Edwards Board Member 1.0 $0
Robert Englert Board Member 1.0 $0
Jason Felton Board Member 1.0 $0
James Ferguson Board Member 1.0 $0
Kendall Garraway Board Member 1.0 $0
Jeremy Gay Board Member 1.0 $0
Burges Griffin Chairman 1.0 $0
William Haddock Board Member 1.0 $0
Dahlen Hancock secretary 1.0 $0
Jon Hardwick board member 1.0 $0
Myron Hawes Board Member 1.0 $0
Art Heiden Board Member 1.0 $0
Eddy Herm Board Member 1.0 $0
Gerald Hilbers Board Member 1.0 $0
Mike Hughes Board Member 1.0 $0
Jeff Hux Board Member 1.0 $0
James Johnson Board Member 1.0 $0
Bernard Jordan treasurer 1.0 $0
John King Board Member 1.0 $0
Donny Lassiter Board Member 1.0 $0
Charles Lee Board Member 1.0 $0
Ronald Lee Board Member 1.0 $0
John Lindamood Board Member 1.0 $0
Stephen Logan Board Member 1.0 $0
Lawrence Long Board Member 1.0 $0
James Massey Board Member 1.0 $0
Harold May Board Member 1.0 $0
Gregg Mayberry Board Member 1.0 $0
James McGougan Board Member 1.0 $0
Henry McLaurin Board Member 1.0 $0
Weldon Melton Board Member 1.0 $0
Peter Michael Board Member 1.0 $0
Robert Miller Board Member 1.0 $0
Brady Mimms Board Member 1.0 $0
Travis Mires Board Member 1.0 $0
Van Murphy Board Member 1.0 $0
Brent Nelson Board Member 1.0 $0
John Newby Board Member 1.0 $0
Herrick Norcross Board Member 1.0 $0
John Olson Board Member 1.0 $0
Norman Owen Board Member 1.0 $0
Lyall Pacheco Board Member 1.0 $0
Michael Patschke Board Member 1.0 $0
David Pearson Board Member 1.0 $0
Glen Phipps Board Member 1.0 $0
Terry Pollard Board Member 1.0 $0
Charles Provance Board Member 1.0 $0
Barney Pustejovsky Board Member 1.0 $0
Darryl Quigley Board Member 1.0 $0
Nathan Reed Board Member 1.0 $0
Johnie Reed Board Member 1.0 $0
Danny Robbins Board Member 1.0 $0
Ryan Robbins Board Member 1.0 $0
Randolph Rogers Board Member 1.0 $0
Dean Rovey Board Member 1.0 $0
Larry Sayes Board Member 1.0 $0
Harry Schroeder Board Member 1.0 $0
Vance Shoaf Board Member 1.0 $0
Timothy Smith Board Member 1.0 $0
Lewie Joe Smith Board Member 1.0 $0
Sam Sparks Board Member 1.0 $0
Charles Speake Board Member 1.0 $0
Lawrence Starrh Board Member 1.0 $0
Cloyce Stevens Board Member 1.0 $0
Earl Stiles Board Member 1.0 $0
Martin Stoerner Board Member 1.0 $0
Gary Tidwell Board Member 1.0 $0
Phil Vandiver Board Member 1.0 $0
Tom Wade Board Member 1.0 $0
Robert Walker Board Member 1.0 $0
Jim Waters Board Member 1.0 $0
Mark Watte vice chairman 1.0 $0
William Weaver Board Member 1.0 $0
Clint Webb Board Member 1.0 $0
Jason West Board Member 1.0 $0
Lance Whitehead Board Member 1.0 $0
Stephen Wilbur Board Member 1.0 $0
Mark Wright Board Member 1.0 $0
Eric seidenberger board member 1.0 $0

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