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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Foundation serves as the means for corporations, foundations, local businesses, alumni, friends, and employees to support and advance the community mission of Wake Technical Community College with private gifts.

The Fostering Bright Futures Fellowship Program was established to address the overwhelming need for a comprehensive support structure to assist foster youth in making the transition from a structured foster care program to independent young adulthood. The Fellowship program provides financial, academic, and social support to assist youth aging out of Wake County foster care pursue a college education at Wake Tech. The objective of the Fostering Bright Futures program is to eliminate barriers that would typically derail these students from meeting educational and life goals. Funding comes from private foundation and corporate grants, individual donors and employees. Expenditures include assistance with transportation; school supplies; utilities; on-campus food; tutoring, counseling, advising and mentoring from the Program Coordinator; life skills workshops, etc.

The Wake Tech Foundation currently offers Tuition Assistance grants for continuing education and edification to enable Wake Tech faculty and staff to stay on the cutting edge of their respective disciplines and advance their skills and personal goals.The primary goal of the Tuition Assistance program is to assist in the funding of college credit courses. Individuals seeking support for required certification and licensure programs should speak to their supervisor and/or department head regarding the use of the department's professional development funds.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Dr Stephen Scott Secretary 40.00 $360,143
Mr O Morton Congleton Executive Director 40.00 $161,594
Mr Ed Turlington Vice Chair 0.00 $0
Mr Elmo E Vance Director 0.00 $0
Mr John D McKinney Director 0.00 $0
Rep Thomas O Murry Director 0.00 $0
Mr Ronald Wainwright Director 0.00 $0
Ms Joan PH Myers Director 0.00 $0
Mr James W Perry Director 0.00 $0
Mr Kent W Thompson Director 0.00 $0
Nathan Becker Director 0.00 $0
John P Wojcik Director 0.00 $0
Mr Douglas S Baker Director 0.00 $0
Mr Douglas M Boyd Director 0.00 $0
Mr Arne W Morris Director 0.00 $0
Mr David Campbell Director 0.00 $0
Mrs Elizabeth Clay-Bradley Director 0.00 $0
Mr WH Coggins Director 0.00 $0
Mrs Linda D Coleman Director 0.00 $0
Mr Mike Desmond Director 0.00 $0
Ms Judy Fourie Director 0.00 $0
Mr Lawrence A Hamilton Treasurer 0.00 $0
Mrs Jill Wells Heath Director 0.00 $0
Mr Clyde Holt III Director 0.00 $0
Ms Rita Jerman Director 0.00 $0
Rod Webb Director 0.00 $0

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