2 Broadway Room D15125, New York, NY 10004

Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Net Assets

Organizations Filed Purposes: Provide Public Bus Transportation in the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Darryl Irick Sr. Vice President 035.00 $238,408
Stephen Piochochi Vice President 035.00 $196,754
John Kivlehan Vice President 035.00 $195,346
Johnny Pickard Operating Supervisor 035.00 $191,500
William Cronin Chief Budget Performance Officer 035.00 $189,989
James Sedore Jr Board Member $0
Vincent Tessitore Jr Board Member $0
Polly Trottenberg Board Member $0
Ed Watt Board Member $0
Iris Weinshall Board Member $0
Carl V Wortendyke Borad Member $0
Neal Zuckerman Board Member $0
Andrew Saul Board Member $0
Mitchell Pally Board Member $0
John Molloy Board Member $0
Fernando Ferrer Vice Chairman $0
Andrew Albert Board Member $0
Jonathan Ballan Board Member $0
John Banks Board Member $0
Robert Bickford Board Member $0
Norman Brown Board Member $0
Allen Cappelli Board Member $0
Ira Greenberg Board Member $0
Jeffrey Kay Board Member $0
Susan Metzger Board Member $0
Charles Moerdler Board Member $0
Thomas Prendergast Chairman and CEO $0

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