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Organizations Filed Purposes: St. Augustine Health Ministries continues the healing ministry of Christ by promoting the quality of life and independence of each person entrusted to our care through a continuum of health care and related services to the chronically ill and aging of our community with special concern for the poor. We promote the sacredness of life in a community that celebrates purpose, individuality, companionship and well-being.

Hospice Care: Medicare-Certified Hospice including a 37 bed inpatient facility that used to be licensed as a nursing home but functioned as a free cancer home before it was converted it to a Medicare-certified Hospice. 534 terminally ill individuals received end of life care through our in-patient and community based hospice services.

Assisted Living Facility: 99 unit assisted living facility that provides low-income housing at below market all inclusive rates for seniors 55 years and up and other Medicaid-Assisted Living Waiver Progam participants in the inner-city. Out of 134 seniors served, 53 were able to live in assited living as a result of the Medicaid AL Waiver Program, The facility was over 96.3% occupied.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Patick Gareau Ex-Officio of Board of Directors/Secretariat of Catholic Charities Corporation 1 $206,699
Francis Huba CFO 39 $171,704
James Taylor Former President/CEO 39 $129,660
Colleen Wilson Director of Nursing 40 $128,469
Kristin Graham Director of Hospice and Home Health Care 40 $124,985
Barbara Barnette Assistant Director of Nursing 40 $112,662
Robert Sullivan Physical Therapist 40 $111,113
Anita Gerrasch Administrator 40 $111,065
Rick Meserini President/CEO 39 $29,956
Rober Pumphrey Board Member-Chairperson 1 $0
Marilyn Streeter Board Member 1 $0
Linda Sheehan Board Member 1 $0
Patricia Snowbrick Board Member 1 $0
Margaret Lynch Honorary Board Member 1 $0
Mark Seryak Board Member 1 $0
Joseph Sciarrillo Board Member 1 $0
Karen McCarthy Board Member - Vice Chairperson 1 $0
Janet Gosche Board Member-Secretary 1 $0
Damon Taseff Board Member-Treasurer 1 $0
Robert Dawson Board Member 1 $0
Theresa Dawson Board Member 1 $0
Rosemary Eyerman Board Member 1 $0
Cullen Hanlon Board Member 1 $0
Tania Harrison Board Member 1 $0
Michelle Hocevar Board Member 1 $0
Thomas Lynch Honorary Board Member 1 $0
Carol Rini Board Member 1 $0

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