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Organizations Filed Purposes: TO BE THE DONOR-TO-PATIENT LIFELINE, PROVIDING OUR COMMUNITIES AND MEDICAL PARTNERS SECURITY BY MEETING BLOOD TRANSFUSION AND HEALTH CARE NEEDS. OBI manages the life-saving blood donations of more than 209,000 people in the region each year. Some 250,000 units of blood are eventually delivered to patients in some 150 hospitals and air ambulance services across the region, but not before undergoing an immense amount of FDA-regulated processing and testing for donor and blood recipient safety. Volunteer blood donors give what can't be created and provided from any other means. OBI recruits donors, provides skilled medical staff, technology and facilities to collect blood from donors. Lab professionals under the medical supervision of physicians prepare the blood for transfusion and administer 15 safety tests. All must be done with utmost urgency around the clock, since blood has a very limited time for use. OBI administers five layers of safety procedures - blood donor eligibility standa

OBI's Testing Laboratory is among the most advanced in the nation, serving other blood centers, clinics and organ donation organizations. Its cutting-edge technology provides these clients with impeccably efficient turnaround required for highly-specialized blood testing. Maintaining strict AABB-accreditation and FDA-licensing standards, it provides nucleic acid testing and serological and viral marker screening tests, including a wide range of screening assays. Confirmatory/supplemental assays and referral testing services are also offered. For more info, visit obi.org/medical-professionals/lab-testing-services.

Therapeutic apheresis services for patients at area hospitals are provided by specially-trained registered nurses under the direction of transfusion medicine physicians. Patients undergo treatments that remove harmful proteins, chemicals or cells in the blood that contribute to a variety of life-threatening diseases or transplant complications. Based on patients' conditions, specific offending agents or components of the blood are isolated and irradiated or removed. After this intricate processing, patients receive their treated blood to restore health. For more info, visit obi.org/about-us/therapeutic-phlebotomy.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
John B Armitage President CEO Medical Director 50.0 $460,214
James W Smith Chief Medical Officer 50.0 $309,550
Randall G Stark Chief Financial Officer 50.0 $237,028
Charles Mooney Jr Vice President 50.0 $206,104
Walter E Kelley Medical Director 50.0 $192,693
Kimberly J VanAntwerpen Vice President 50.0 $186,905
Mark E Patterson Vice President 50.0 $180,350
Regina Gardner Vice President 50.0 $172,151
Richard T Abner Vice President 50.0 $171,896
Terry Ridenour Vice President 50.0 $162,707
JP Potter Chief Information Officer 50.0 $151,951
Josheph Robert McNeil Director - HR 50.0 $142,368
Connie Hallam Supervisor - TACTS 50.0 $131,924
Leslie L Gamble Director - Community Relations 50.0 $131,233
Gary J Lynch Sustainability Officer 50.0 $127,975
D Kay Ramsey Laboratory Techno-Leadl-HPC&CB 50.0 $111,614
Crystal Radcliff Manager 50.0 $78,090
Phyllis Worley Board Member 3.0 $18,000
Andrew C Gin MD Board Member 3.0 $13,500
David R Carpenter Board Member 3.0 $12,000
Gerald R Marshall Board Member 3.0 $12,000
WH Oehlert MD Board Member 3.0 $12,000
Evan Vincent Board Member 1.0 $7,000
Chris M Hammes Board Member 2.0 $1,500
Joe M Hodges Board Member 2.0 $1,000
Homer Paul Board Member 2.0 $500
Ronnie Walker Board Member 2.0 $500
Jonathan D Helmerich Board Member 1.0 $0
W John Hefner Board Member 1.0 $0
Jimmie Rowland Cash MSN Board Member 1.0 $0
Thomas H Flesher MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Rebecca A Fleck Board Member 1.0 $0
David A Flack MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Kathy K Dagg MD Board Member 1.0 $0
John Bridwell Board Member 1.0 $0
Larry Bookman MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Richard Boatsman MD Board Member 3.0 $0
Henry J Hood Board Member 1.0 $0
Vince Howie Board Member 1.0 $0
Theodore W Violett MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Gary L Patzkowsky DO Board Member 1.0 $0
Susan M Weiss MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Judy Goforth Parker PhD RN Board Member 1.0 $0
Garland Wilkinson Board Member 1.0 $0
James P Marvel III Board Member 1.0 $0
Jay Gregory MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Julie Strebel Hager MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Myron Pope EdD Board Member 1.0 $0
Todd Brockman MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Woody Jenkins MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Randal C Juengel MD Board Member 1.0 $0
Frank Barnett MD Board Member 1.0 $0

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