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Organizations Filed Purposes: When a natural disaster strikes, an economy collapses or conflict erupts, Mercy Corps quickly meets families' urgent needs for food water, and shelter. We stay beyond the emergency, connecting families with the resources they need to move toward resilience. We improved 42.5 million lives in Africa, SE Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Central America.

Livelihood/economic development: Mercy Corps protected livelihoods and increased incomes for millions of poor people around the world so they can better support themselves, their families and communities. We helped remote farmers grow more and better food by training them in better methods of preparing and maintaining land during flooding and drought, improving crop storage, and vaccinating animal herds. Mercy Corps' seven microfinance institutions provided loans and business expertise to more than 260,000 entrepreneurs to start or expand small businesses or farming activities so they can earn more income to better support their families. Our work with informal village savings and loan groups boosted the incomes, financial skills and perceived role of women in thousands of communities.

Civil society & Education: To strengthen civil society and promote good local governance, Mercy Corps focused efforts on the next generation of leaders. We prepared nearly 3 million young people in tough, transitional environments with job and life skills so they can choose and build a productive future for themselves and their communities. We helped youth stay in school or catch up with their peers; learn leadership and financial literacy skills; get support to start small businesses; and discover alternatives to violent groups. We paid particular attention to girls, helping them gain the skills and community support to earn income that they can reinvest in their families and communities.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Neal Keny-Guyer Chief Executive Officer 40 $439,984
Randolph Martin Director of Partnership Developmet-East Asia 40 $254,767
Craig Redmond Senior Vice President - Programs 40 $241,019
Andrea Koppel-Pollack VP Global Engagement and Policy 40 $222,837
Jeremy Barnicle Chief Development & Communications Officer 40 $219,428
Beth deHamel Chief Financial Officer 40 $215,161
Robert Maroni Country Director 40 $211,246
Stephen Mitchell Vice President-Financial Services 40 $207,173
Paul Hart SVP for Global Partnerships and Alliances 40 $195,845
Sarah Mignon Mazique Executive Counselor 40 $192,949
Stuart Willcuts Chief of Party-PCAP 40 $191,508
Joshua DeWald Regional Program Director 40 $190,002
Steve Zimmerman VP Social Innovation 40 $159,947
Barnes Ellis Corp Secretary & Gen Counsel 40 $136,725
Jeremiah Centrella Assistant Corp. Secretary 40 $135,038
Josh Drake Assistant Corp. Secretary (through July 31, 2013) 40 $57,304
Wasana Punyasena Assistant Corp. Secretary 40 $20,003
Melissa Waggener-Zorkin Board Member 3 $0
Hank Vigil Board Member 1 $0
Ryan Clark Crocker Board Member 2 $0
He Daofeng Board Member 1 $0
Gun Denhart Board Member 5 $0
Jock Encombe Board Member 10 $0
Mark Gordon Board Member 3 $0
Allen Grossman Chair 5 $0
Lucy Helm Board Member 1 $0
Gisel Kordestani Board Member 2 $0
Ned Lamont Board Member 1 $0
Gayle Lemmon Board Member 1 $0
Rick Little Board Member 1 $0
Mike Maerz Board Member 12 $0
David Mahoney Board Member 4 $0
Linda Mason Board Member 2 $0
Robert D Newell Treasurer 10 $0
Scott Brown Board Member 3 $0

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