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Organizations Filed Purposes: As People of Providence, we reveal God's love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service.Healthcare Service Contractor.

Providence Medicare Plans are solutions for people who are eligible for Medicare, supporting affordable access and easier administration for members. PHP advocates for evidence-based and cost effective treatments for patients and appropriate payment levels to providers to keep access to health care available to people who are eligible for Medicare. This program served approximately 45,000 members in 2014.

Providence offers Providence Administrative Services Only (ASO) for large groups capable of self-funding the risk experience of the group, but want claims administration and often skilled medical management; and consumer choice plans which offer qualified Health Savings Account (HSA) options. This program served approximately 215,000 members in 2014.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Greg Van Pelt Former CEO/OR. Region 0.00 $1,201,766
Jack Friedman President/CEO 17.00 $775,718
Dave Underriner SVP/CEO - OR.Region 1.00 $758,801
Cindy Strauss Secretary/SVP/Chief Counsel 0.10 $723,828
Jeff W Rogers Former Corporate Secretary 0.00 $622,103
Robert A Gluckman CMO 17.00 $580,596
William Olson CFO/OR. Region 1.00 $554,971
Alison S Schrupp CSO 19.00 $495,733
Michael G White COO 17.00 $442,110
Barbara L Christensen Chief Sales & Mkt. Officer 15.00 $437,789
Bruce W Wilkinson CIO 15.00 $429,328
James H Mackay Medical Director 17.00 $345,742
Jeffrey Butcher Treasurer/CFO 17.00 $334,022
Susan Abate Dir. Quality Med. Mgr. 14.00 $291,696
Mark A Whitaker Medical Director 14.00 $290,261
Stephanie C Dreyfuss Dir. Network Develop. 14.00 $288,366
Carrie Smith Chief Compliance Officer 17.00 $269,640
Rakesh Pai Medical Director 14.00 $232,025
Michael Holcomb Chair of the Board 0.10 $60,360
Peter J Snow Director 0.10 $20,860
Martha Diaz Aszkenazy Director 0.10 $18,360
Bob Wilson Director 0.10 $18,360
Dave Olsen Director 0.10 $17,860
Carolina Reyes MD Director 0.10 $15,360
Michael A Stein Director 0.10 $15,360
Eugene Al Parrish Director 0.10 $15,360
Sallye Liner Director 0.10 $15,360
Ellen L Wolf Director 0.10 $15,360
Isiaah Crawford Director 0.10 $15,360
Kirby McDonald Director 0.10 $15,360
Charles Chuck Watts Director 0.10 $15,360
Chauncey Boyle SP Director 0.10 $0
Phyllis Hughes RSM Director 0.10 $0
Marian Schubert CSJ - Eff914 Director 0.10 $0

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