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Legal Services: The PSEA Legal Division is responsible for providing legal services as needed to PSEA's 180,000 members and to over 1,000 PSEA local affiliates. PSEA attorneys, who are either on staff or are retained, represent locals with respect to bargaining and contract issues and represent members in all employment-related matters. Each year, the attorneys collectively handle over 1,000 cases. In addition, the Legal Division provides counsel and advice to staff within PSEA including field staff, lobbyists, educational specialists, and financial management staff. The Legal Division also provides advice and legal opinions in PSEA governance matters and is responsible for all representation of PSEA as a legal entity. The Legal Division is responsible for meeting all requirements of the NEA Unified Legal Services Program, which partially reimburses PSEA for its attorneys' fees in certain cases. The Legal Division coordinates a number of programs for PSEA including the Educators Employment Liability program and the Association's Liability Insurance policy.

Government Relations: The primary goal of the Government Relations Division and all of its programs is to build bipartisan support for public education in order to pass positive legislation and block negative legislation at the state and federal level, which is in line with PSEA's pro-public education agenda and our members' interests. This goal is accomplished through legislative and agency lobbying, communication with our members regarding public officials and candidates' positions on education issues, and coordination with various coalitions in support of public education and our legislative efforts. In addition, PSEA strives to engage and motivate members into action through training, education, and grassroots activism.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
John F Springer Executive Director 55.0 $284,066
Lisa K Buettner AED for Field Operations 55.0 $275,631
Daniel W Doughton Uniserv Representative 55.0 $260,639
James G Vaughan AED for Government Relations 55.0 $259,420
Lynne L Wilson General Counsel 55.0 $258,492
Terra L Begolly Uniserv Representative 55.0 $256,778
Joseph F Howlett AED for Administrative Service 55.0 $254,530
Cindy J Hake AED for IT 55.0 $242,934
David L Wazeter AED for Program Services 55.0 $241,770
Thomas Bell Field Manager 55.0 $239,465
Todd C Park AED for Human Resources 55.0 $235,524
Andrew W Muir Uniserv Representative 55.0 $222,572
Debra A Jakubic Field Manager 55.0 $220,464
Gerard L Brandon AED for Human Resources 55.0 $200,665
Dolores M McCracken Treasurer 55.0 $199,587
Michael J Crossey President 55.0 $197,737
W Gerard Oleksiak Vice President 55.0 $122,677
Dawn Bandle Director 7.0 $14,936
Richard W Askey Director 7.0 $7,546
Joyce M Snyder Director 7.0 $7,543
Summer L Hill Director 7.0 $7,540
Mary Moran Director 7.0 $7,440
Susan L Jones Director 7.0 $7,440
David W Taylor Director 7.0 $7,440
Marylou Stefanko Director 7.0 $7,440
Richard J Bioteau Director 7.0 $7,440
Grace E Bekaert Director 7.0 $7,440
Teresa A Redwinski Director 7.0 $7,440
Marsha L Fabian Director 7.0 $7,440
Melvin S Riddick Director 7.0 $7,440
Margaret C Beall Director 7.0 $7,440
Jolene Hough Director 7.0 $7,440
Kizzy L Nicholas Director 7.0 $7,440
Richard E Milne Director 7.0 $7,440
Frederick T Berestecky Director 7.0 $7,440
Linda J Weaver Director 7.0 $7,440
Terri B Majors Director 7.0 $7,440
Donna Milner Director 7.0 $7,440
James Sando Director 7.0 $7,440
Linda White Director 7.0 $7,440
Clifford L Doran Director 7.0 $7,440
Mindy Anderson Director 7.0 $7,440
Marc Howshall Director 7.0 $7,440
Wendy L Kushner Director 7.0 $7,440
Barbara M Sipler Director 7.0 $7,440
Marchelle R Agostinelli Director 7.0 $7,440
Jeffrey D Ney Director 7.0 $7,440
Sam R Talarico Director 7.0 $7,440
Tamzen M Butler Director 7.0 $7,440
Mary Wills Director 7.0 $7,440
Timothy T Graham Director 7.0 $7,440
Meghan V Bergman Director 7.0 $7,440
Korri J Brown Director 7.0 $7,440
Tracey L Hart Director 7.0 $7,440
Susan C Lemmo Director 7.0 $7,440
Dina McGee Director 7.0 $7,440
Margaret A Rockwell Director 7.0 $3,600
Heather A Wertman Director 7.0 $3,100
Holli Jo Warner Director 7.0 $2,480
Maria N Heinrich Director 7.0 $2,480
Eric V Pringle Director 7.0 $2,480
Jennifer M McDade Director 7.0 $2,480
Pamela R Brown Director (start 2/01/2014) 7.0 $0

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