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Organizations Filed Purposes: Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital's mission is to provide a range of family-focused, high quality mental health care to infants, children, adolescents, and young adults with emotional disorders and/or developmental disabilities.

The Bradley Schools are private, municipal district-funded, day treatment programs for children and adolescents whose psychiatric and behavioral needs cannot be met in a public school setting. Bradley Schools provide special education services to school-age children and adolescents with chronic behavior disorders and additional developmental disabilities, who often present with oppositional and disruptive classroom behaviors, as well as social and life skill difficulties.

The Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center is devoted to the study and treatment of children at risk for serious mental disorders and behavior processes that support the intergenerational transmission of illness. The research areas are broad and include: Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders, Forensic & Juvenile Justice, Pediatric Behavioral Health, Biological Basis of Psychiatric Disorders, Prevention and Early Intervention, Health Services Research, Pediatric Mood, Imaging & Neurodevelopment, and Developmental Disorders Genetics Research.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Timothy J Babineau MD Trustee 2.00 $1,922,115
Mary A Wakefield Treasurer 2.50 $1,050,698
Kenneth E Arnold Secretary 2.00 $603,388
Rowland P Barrett MD Physician 40.00 $438,783
Daniel J Wall President 30.00 $399,655
Henry Sachs MD Chief Medical Officer 40.00 $331,801
Gregory K Fritz MD Trustee 0.00 $321,894
Dale F Radka MD Physician 40.00 $321,646
Patricia J Flanagan Trustee 0.00 $301,206
Jeffrey Hunt MD Physician 40.00 $274,429
Margaret G Klitzke MD Physician 40.00 $260,942
Jarle Z Meservy MD Physician 40.00 $250,650
Karyn Horowitz MD Physician 40.00 $244,569
Geanina O Costea MD Physician 40.00 $234,040
Vareen O'Keefe Domaleski Chief Nursing Officer 40.00 $223,208
Michael Ehrlich MD Trustee 0.50 $5,059
Brian Zink MD Trustee 0.25 $1,000
David A Brown Trustee 0.25 $0
Shivan Subramaniam Trustee 0.75 $0
Hon Bruce Selya Trustee 0.50 $0
Fred Schiffman MD Trustee 0.25 $0
Lawrence Sadwin Trustee 1.00 $0
Lloyd Robertson Trustee 0.25 $0
Steven Pare Trustee 2.00 $0
Jason Fowler Trustee 0.00 $0
Edward D Feldstein Esq Trustee 0.50 $0
Jonathan Fain Trustee 0.15 $0
Ellen Collis Trustee 0.50 $0
Peter Capodilupo Trustee 0.25 $0
Emanuel Barrows Trustee 0.25 $0
Lawrence Aubin Sr Vice Chair 2.00 $0
Sr M Therese Antone Trustee 0.25 $0
David Gorelick MD Trustee 0.25 $0
Michael Hanna Trustee 0.50 $0
Stephen P Massed Trustee 1.00 $0
Alan Litwin Trustee 1.00 $0
Bertram Lederer Trustee 0.10 $0
Jerrold Lavine Trustee 0.00 $0
Scott B Laurans Chairman 1.00 $0
Marie J Langlois Trustee 0.25 $0
Dayle Joseph MD Trustee 0.50 $0
Pamela Harrop MD Trustee 0.75 $0
Thomas Anders MD Trustee 0.25 $0

data for this page was sourced from XML published by IRS (public 990 form dataset) from: https://s3.amazonaws.com/irs-form-990/201512269349302476_public.xml

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