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Organizations Filed Purposes: RIH Ventures provides phlebotomy services which facilitate laboratory specimen testing for RIH and other affiliated hospitals, and also operates parking facilities that serve patients, visitors, and staff of RIH which supports RIH's exempt purpose.

RIH Ventures provides safe, secure, and conveniently located parking facilities to Rhode Island Hospital's patients and visitors. The 60-acre Hospital campus accommodates more than 10,000 vehicles every day, providing convenient access to all buildings. Parking is free for all inpatients discharged, as well as all emergency room patients, handicapped patients with state-issued placards, and all patients who receive medical treatment covered by RIte Care and Medicaid. In addition, valet parking and shuttle service are available to qualifying patients without charge in designated areas of the RIH campus. The parking program of RIH Ventures supports RIH's mission by providing convenient access to health services for people in the community, as well as facilitating access to various RIH facilities for residents, interns, fellows, and researchers who train on the campus. (see Sched O)

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Mary A Wakefield Treasurer 0.50 $1,050,698
Frederick J Macri President 1.00 $873,948
Kenneth E Arnold Secretary 1.00 $603,388
Arthur J Sampson Trustee 0.50 $564,255
Thomas Magliocchetti Vice President 0.50 $288,558
Peter Arden Chairman 1.00 $0

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