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Organizations Filed Purposes: As a founding hospital in the Lifespan health system, Rhode Island Hospital (RIH) is committed to its mission: Delivering health with care.

Medical Education:RIH provides the setting for and substantially supports medical education in various clinical training and nursing programs. The total cost of medical education provided by the Hospital exceeded the reimbursement received from third-party payors by $78.9 million in fiscal year 2014.(Continued on Schedule O)

Research:RIH conducts extensive medical research and is in the forefront of biomedical health care delivery research and among the leaders nationally in the National Institutes of Health programs. In addition, the Hospital sponsors many clinical trials, which provide valuable research information as well as cutting edge treatment for patients in the region. Federal support accounts for approximately 71% of all externally funded research at the Hospital. Researchers focus on clinical trials which investigate prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, obesity, cancer, diabetes, cardiac disease, neurological problems, orthopedic advancements, and mental health concerns. RIH provided $12.5 million in support of research activities in fiscal year 2014.(Continued on Schedule O)

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Timothy J Babineau MD President 20.00 $1,922,115
Curtis Doberstein MD Physician 40.00 $1,307,762
Garth Cosgrove MD Physician 40.00 $1,271,171
Mary A Wakefield Treasurer 10.00 $1,050,698
Frederick J Macri EVP & COO 40.00 $873,948
Adetokunbo A Oyelese MD Physician 40.00 $807,583
Deus J Cielo MD Physician 40.00 $756,921
Albert E Telfeian MD Physician 40.00 $744,903
Kenneth E Arnold Secretary 8.00 $603,388
John B Murphy MD EVP - Physician Affairs 10.00 $586,718
Barbara Riley RN Chief Nursing Officer 40.00 $363,899
Nicholas P Dominick SVP- Diag. & Support Svcs 40.00 $315,272
Penelope H Dennehy Trustee 40.00 $228,045
Jonathon Elion MD Trustee 0.00 $21,690
Michael Ehrlich MD Trustee 0.50 $5,059
Brian J Zink MD Trustee 0.25 $1,000
David A Brown Trustee 0.25 $0
Shivan Subramaniam Trustee 0.75 $0
Hon Bruce Selya Trustee 0.50 $0
Fred J Schiffman MD Trustee 0.25 $0
Lawrence B Sadwin Trustee 1.00 $0
Lloyd Robertson Trustee 0.50 $0
Steven Pare Trustee 2.00 $0
Stephen P Massed Trustee 1.00 $0
Sr Therese M Antone Trustee 0.25 $0
Lawrence A Aubin Sr Vice Chair 2.00 $0
Emanuel Barrows Trustee 0.25 $0
Peter Capodilupo Trustee 0.50 $0
Ellen Collis Trustee 0.50 $0
Jonathan D Fain Trustee 0.15 $0
Edward D Feldstein Trustee 0.50 $0
Jason Fowler Trustee 0.00 $0
David Gorelick MD Trustee 0.50 $0
Michael L Hanna Trustee 0.50 $0
Pamela Harrop MD Trustee 0.75 $0
Dayle Hunt Joseph Trustee 0.50 $0
Marie J Langlois Trustee 0.50 $0
Scott B Laurans Chairman 1.00 $0
Jerrold Lavine Trustee 0.00 $0
Bertram M Lederer Trustee 0.10 $0
Alan H Litwin Trustee 1.00 $0
Thomas Anders MD Trustee 0.25 $0

data for this page was sourced from XML published by IRS (public 990 form dataset) from: https://s3.amazonaws.com/irs-form-990/201522269349302777_public.xml

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