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Organizations Filed Purposes: To engage in philanthropic activities to support the mission and purposes of TMH, which are to provide medical care to patients, surgical services, emergency room facilities, ambulatory care services, and ancillary services to the RI community.

The Campaign for Excellence is a program directed towards significantly renovating The Miriam Hospital's Emergency Department (ED) to provide the capacity, privacy, and efficiency that the community needs. These renovations have improved patient transportation, work flow, and collaboration among team members. This program also involved building a Procedural Care Unit (the Unit) suited for cardiology and endoscopy patients treated at The Miriam Hospital. The Unit consists of 21 beds adjacent to the ED, focusing on cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology. Cardiac care has been enhanced, additional beds for inpatient care have become available, and faster admissions through the ED have been facilitated.

Funds totaling $752,806 were transferred to The Miriam Hospital to purchase a da Vinci Surgical System, which is a sophisticated robotic platform offering a minimally invasive alternative to both open surgery and laparoscopy. Because it requires only a few tiny incisions and offers greater vision, precision, and control for the surgeon, patients often can recover sooner, move on to additional treatments if needed, and get back to daily life more quickly. Potential benefits of the da Vinci system for patients include: reduced pain; lower risk of infection or complications; less blood loss (fewer transfusions); shorter hospital stays; reduced scarring; and faster return to normal activities.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Timothy J Babineau President & CEO 0.00 $1,922,115
Mary A Wakefield EVP & CFO 0.50 $1,050,698
Kathleen Hittner MD President & CEO 0.00 $780,583
Mark T Cummings Senior VP of Development 4.00 $660,130
Arthur J Sampson President 0.50 $564,255
Jonathan Elion MD Trustee 2.00 $21,690
Bertram Lederer Trustee 0.50 $0
Alan H Litwin Chairman 0.50 $0
David Rampone Trustee 3.00 $0
Marcia Riesman Trustee 1.50 $0
Jerrold A Salmanson Trustee 1.00 $0
Steven Schechter MD Trustee 0.50 $0
Samuel Suls Trustee 1.00 $0
Alan Tate Trustee 1.00 $0
Emily Torgan-Shalansky Trustee 0.00 $0
Lisa E Weingeroff Trustee 1.50 $0
Jerrold L Lavine Trustee 0.00 $0
Marie Langlois Vice Chair 2.00 $0
Phillip Kydd Trustee 1.00 $0
Mitzi Berkelhammer Sec. thru 1/14 0.25 $0
Jeffrey G Brier Trustee 0.25 $0
Jerrold N Dorfman Trustee 1.00 $0
H Jack Feibelman Trustee 1.00 $0
Edward D Feldstein Chairman 0.50 $0
Suzanne Gilstein Trustee 4.50 $0
Neil R Greenspan MD Trustee 1.00 $0
Almon Hall Treasurer 1.00 $0
Alan Hassenfeld Trustee 6.00 $0
Arthur Hurvitz Trustee 0.00 $0
Steven J Issa Trustee 2.00 $0
Susan Johnson Trustee 0.00 $0
Mary Jo Kaplan Trustee 0.25 $0
Susan H Kaplan Secretary 6.00 $0
Susan Bazar Trustee 1.00 $0

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