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Organizations Filed Purposes: The Tennessee Aquariums mission is to inspire wonder, appreciation and protection of water and all life that it sustains. The Aquarium is a vital link connecting people to freshwater and the ocean beyond. Our excellent exhibits and dynamic living collection entertain and inform.

Throughout the year, the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX Theater provided further enrichment of our conservation and education programs to over 205,000 people. In 2014, the theater presented the following conservation and natural science themed films Hubble, Born to be Wild, Great White Shark, Flight of the Butterflies, Galapagos, Journey to the South Pacific, Titans of the Ice Age and Penguins.

During the year, the Aquarium operated a 70-passenger high-speed catamaran transporting over 25,000 guests into the Tennessee River Gorge. During the trip, Naturalists provide information about the protected habitat of the Gorge whole recounting some of the areas rich history and pointing out wildlife along the way.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Charles L Arant President 040.00 $264,053
Gordon Stalans Director of Finance/IT 040.00 $139,223
Jackson Andrews Director of Husbandry/Ops 040.00 $137,016
Cynthia Todd Chief Marketing Branding Officer 040.00 $105,414
Greg Vital Trustee 001.00 $0
Aaron Webb Trustee 001.00 $0
Frank Williamson Trustee, Chair 002.00 $0
John Giblin Trustee, Chair Elect 002.00 $0
Ward Davenport Trustee, Treasurer 002.00 $0
Kim Honeycutt Trustee, Secretary 002.00 $0
Alice Smith Trustee 001.00 $0
Keith Sanford Trustee 001.00 $0
Tahnika Rodriguez Trustee 001.00 $0
Katherine Currin Trustee 001.00 $0
John Foy Trustee 001.00 $0
Sheldon Grizzle Trustee 001.00 $0
Elizabeth Hammitt Trustee 001.00 $0
Barbara Haskew Trustee 001.00 $0
Will Martin Trustee 001.00 $0
Franklin McCallie Trustee 001.00 $0
Phil Oldham Trustee 001.00 $0
John Phillips Jr Trustee 001.00 $0
Ted Alling Trustee 001.00 $0

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