4220 Harding Rd, Nashville, TN 37205

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Organizations Filed Purposes: To promote and support all programs and other activities in the interest of and for the exempt purposes of Ascension Health and Saint Thomas West Hospital including the provision of lodging for the families of critically ill patients and same-day surgery patients, operating family health centers and investing in equity partnerships with other health care organizations.

Saint Thomas Network is partnered with other healthcare organizations to further the mission of providing spiritually centered, holistic care that sustains and improves the health of the communities it serves. These partnerships provide an outpatient neurosurgical center and several ambulatory surgery centers in the central Tennessee area.

Saint Thomas Network operates Seton Lodge and the Inn at Saint Thomas. Seton Lodge is a 50 room motel on the grounds of Saint Thomas Hospital that provides low cost accommodations for family members residing outside Davidson County whose relatives are in critical care or special care. The Inn at Saint Thomas is a similar 50 room motel providing pre-surgical accommodations for patients traveling to Saint Thomas from long distances.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Mike Schatzlein MD President/CEO 1.00 $1,928,480
Alan Strauss Former EVP & CFO STH 0.00 $753,477
Karen Springer EVP/COO 40.00 $588,581
Wesley Littrell Former Sec/Treas (end 12/12) 0.00 $570,266
Craig Polkow EVP & CFO STH 1.00 $470,104
Steve Schwab MD Board Member (start 7/13) 1.00 $0
Patrick R Sheperd Board Member 1.00 $0
Scott Standard MD Board Member 1.00 $0
Sister Dinah White DC Board Member 1.00 $0
Brian Wilcox MD Board Member 1.00 $0
John A Williams MD Board Member 1.00 $0
Thom Rainer PhD Board Member 1.00 $0
Mark Peters MD Board Member (start 11/13) 1.00 $0
Mark Peacock MD Board Member (start 1/14) 1.00 $0
Clark Baker Vice Chairman 1.00 $0
Mary Falls Esq Secretary 1.00 $0
Anthony Heard Treasurer 1.00 $0
Samar Ali Board Member (start 7/13) 1.00 $0
William Anderson Board Member 1.00 $0
Robert Dray MD Board Member 1.00 $0
Robert Hutton MD Board Member (end 12/13) 1.00 $0
Randy Laszewski Board Member 1.00 $0
Mark Marsden MD Board Member (end 11/13) 1.00 $0
Lee Moss Board Member 1.00 $0
James Bearden Chairman 1.00 $0

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