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Organizations Filed Purposes: Baylor Scott & White Health exists to serve all people by providing personalized health and wellness through exemplary care, education and research as a Christian ministry of healing.

See Schedule OMedical education is a crucial part of BUMC's mission. BUMC commits resources to help address the shortage of health care professionals including partnering with other educational institutions and similar organizations. BUMC provided medical residency programs for the training of future physicians, nurses and other health professionals in an effort to increase the supply of health care professionals nation-wide. During the year, BUMC served 220 medical residency students. Assisting with the preparation of future nurses at entry and advanced levels of nursing is critical in establishing a workforce of qualified nurses. During the year, BUMC invested 64,924 hours in the training of 709 undergraduate nurses. Total unreimbursed cost of these medical education programs is $16,043,363.

See Schedule OMoving scientific theory from the research bench to clinical trials and ultimately to the patient's bedside is central to Baylor's commitment to patient-centered medical research. During the year, BUMC supported clinical research development costs, research papers and studies through Baylor Research Institute (BRI), at a cost of $27,842,400. At BRI alone, more than 1,000 patient-focused research projects are underway.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
William Boyd Secretary 1.00 $1,369,176
John McWhorter President 40.00 $1,200,857
T Doug Lawson COO 40.00 $820,901
Michael Ramsay MD Chief Anesth/Pres BRI 35.00 $819,101
Michael Emmett MD Chief of Internal Medicine 40.00 $780,043
Paul Madeley MD Trustee 1.00 $642,745
Ronald Jones MD Chief of Surgery 40.00 $569,170
Ernest Franklin VP Ancillary Services 1.00 $517,061
Liz Youngblood Key Employee 40.00 $516,752
William Sutker MD Medical Director 40.00 $437,140
Janeene Jones VP Transplant 40.00 $427,639
Janie Wade Former Officer 0.00 $420,272
Claudia Wilder VP/CNO 40.00 $378,982
Amy Yeager Secretary 1.00 $372,428
Christopher York Former Key Employee 0.00 $362,592
Bradley Lembcke MD VP Medical Affairs 40.00 $356,258
Janice Whitmire VP Transplant 40.00 $344,062
Gail Maxwell VP Administration 40.00 $333,934
Jason Whitfield VP Finance/CFO 40.00 $333,422
Walker Harman Trustee 1.00 $3,305
Roy Lamkin Chairman 1.00 $1,534
Ron Carter Trustee 1.00 $1,086
George McCleskey Trustee 1.00 $0
J Kent Newsome Trustee 1.00 $0

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