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Organizations Filed Purposes: Foresters is a fraternal benefit society providing life, health and annuities, and other fraternal benefits to its members, their families and their communities. Through its members and its lodge system, it strives to make its members' communities better places and to give its members opportunities for personal development, social interaction, and voluntary service to others. It operates within a framework of members helping members. As detailed in Part IV, Foresters provides significant fraternal benefits to its members outside of insurance benefits, including providing funding and housing to the aged, sick, and elderly, as well as awarding 400 tuition scholarships to its members and their family members. Foresters is also dedicated to community service by serving as a national sponsor and partner of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Ronald McDonald House Charities and KaBOOM!, as well as supporting community service projects across the country undertaken by its members.

Fraternal Benefits and Grants:Foresters provide its members, at no additional cost, with a variety of fraternal benefits outside of the traditional insurance benefits described above. These benefits demonstrate Foresters commitment to the purpose of assisting members, enhancing their well-being, and benefiting their communities. These benefits provide aid in times of trouble, illness or need. The following programs were funded by Foresters for its members. * Senior Member Benefits (U.S./Canada) - Foresters provided complete residential housing and/board for 44 of its most needy members at two retirement homes. In 2014, providing these services nearly $1.2 million. * Scholarship Program (U.S./Canada/UK) - Foresters granted 400 new four-year scholarships, up to $8,000 in local currency in North America and £1,000/year in the UK, to members, their spouses, children and grandchildren. This benefit was awarded based upon academic credentials and participation in charitable and philanthropic activities. Foresters provided over $1.8 million in scholarships in 2014. * Legal Link and Everyday Money (U.S./Canada/UK) - Foresters provided these two personal assistance benefits to Foresters members who need financial counseling or legal advice. o Legal Link is a toll-free phone service that provides our members in North America access to free and discounted legal services for matters such as the preparation of a simple will, counseling on self representation in small claims court, letter writing, and legal review. In 2014, it cost $322,000 to fund this service. o Everyday Money allows Foresters members to access a financial management counseling service at no cost, as often as they wish, to receive information and counseling on budgeting, savings, debt reduction, and other financial planning services. It cost approximately $174,000 to fund this benefit in 2014.* Emergency Assistance (U.S./Canada) - Foresters and its Branches reach out to its members affected by personal hardship, disaster, or large scale emergency, such as flooding, hurricane damage, and house fires, to provide short-term, temporary financial assistance. This benefit was funded by Foresters at a cost of $234,000 in 2014. Related to this service, Foresters members are also assisted with disaster cleanup activities in their local communities. * Critical/Terminal Illness benefits (U.S./Canada) - In 2014, 671 Foresters members received approximately $2.1 million in critical illness benefits to help defray the cost of health care. * Orphan Benefits (U.S./Canada) - In 2014, Foresters provided approximately $25,000 to legal guardians for care and support of orphans. Additionally, orphans received four years college scholarships. * Funding Local Community Activities (U.S./Canada/UK) - In 2014, Foresters contributed over $3.6 million to the Branch Network via three separate deposits to the US, UK and Canadian trust accounts respectively. These funds are held in trust and administered by the Foresters staff on behalf of Foresters Branches in the US, UK and Canada. Members can apply for these funds to carry out fraternal and community volunteer activities. In 2014, 1,504 activities took place engaging 123,216 members. These funds were used to organize community involvement activities that responded to a real need in a member's community supporting charitable organizations such as children's hospitals, local boys and girl clubs and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Related to this initiative, Foresters also supports strengthening families by allowing members to apply for funding to organize fun-family activities in their communities. The funds held in the Branch Network are used to support these types of activities as well.

Foresters Community Partnerships: Every year, Foresters offers direct support to charities that enhance the well-being of families and communities. Partnerships with non-profit organizations like KaBOOM!, Children's Miracle Network, Ronald McDonald House and Cash for Kids (in the UK) make this possible at a local level. Members work side-by-side with these organizations, lending their time to improve the quality of life for local families. KaBOOM!! * Nearly 50% of American parents say that there are no play spaces within walking distance of their homes . To support healthy family time, Foresters has partnered with KaBOOM!!, a national non-profit organization dedicated to balance active play into the daily lives of all kids. Together, with the help of our members, we are funding and building playgrounds and side projects in many of these communities. * In 2014, Foresters invested approximately $1.5 million to support building playgrounds in member communities in North America. Over 900 members volunteered to build 15 new play spaces, which over their lifespan will serve over 620,000 children and their families. These builds brought entire communities together to build slides, set up swing sets, and plant flowers. * Playgrounds were built in: Oklahoma City, Greensboro, NC; Lanham, MD; El Cajon, CA; La Habra, CA; Saint Paul, MN; Denver, CO; Portland, OR; Yeadon, PA; San Antonio, TX; Birmingham, AL; Indianapolis, IN; Toronto, ON, CA; Hamilton, ON, CA; Surrey, BC, CA. * In 2014, Foresters also completed 22 Foresters Family Projects activities, helping to revitalize local parks, schools and community spaces. Approximately 230 members volunteered to build planter benches, construct picnic benches and paint asphalt games in local communities across the U.S., and Canada. * Foresters launched a new member engagement activity - Playfinders. At the activity, member volunteers test out, tidy up and tell others about their community's best playgrounds by mapping them on the KaBOOM!! Map of Play. In 2014, approximately 60 members attended Playfinders activities in their local communities. Children's Miracle Network * Since 1990, Foresters has helped raise over half a billion dollars for local children's hospitals through our partnership with CMN Hospitals. In 2014, Foresters became a founding partner of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' Cause Innovation team, contributing $250,000 in support of this new division that is tasked with researching and testing new fundraising programs with the potential to raise $20 million within 5 years. * In addition to financial support, over 500 Foresters member volunteers made thousands of teddy bears and care packages for donation to sick children. Ronald McDonald House Charities * Foresters believe in strong, supportive families. That's why in 2014, Foresters renewed its partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities for another year, providing an investment of $100,000. Through the charity's Ronald McDonald House program, families are provided with a "home-away-from-home" so they can stay close by their hospitalized child. * In 2014, Foresters held over 70 local events at Ronald McDonald Houses. From cooking homemade dinners to planning arts and crafts activities, more than 1,400 dedicated Foresters volunteers gave their time and energy to help ensure families can give all of themselves to their child so they can heal faster. Cash for Kids (UK) * Cash for Kids is an umbrella brand for the UK's Bauer Radio's network of registered local charities. Since 2009, Foresters UK has been working with Cash for Kids to provide volunteer opportunities for our members that support children's health and healthy family time. * In 2014, under the initiative "Mission Christmas" Foresters provided approximately $236,000 to sponsor the Mission Christmas Toy Appeal campaign which helped over 300,000 children to have a better Christmas. The initiative raised over £10M in cash, gifts and toys to local children. In addition, during the months of November and December 2014, over 2,600 Foresters members in the UK helped to create nearly 5,000 care packages for these underprivileged children at family focused events. Prospective Partner Program Testing: Red Cross (U.S./Canada/UK) * In 2014, Foresters invested almost $49,000 to carry out pilot tests for a new member engagement program developed in collaboration with Red Cross. * In total, 6 activities were carried out, engaging approximately 110 member volunteers.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
George Mahacsi Former - President & CEO 0 $2,348,795
Larry Noyes Vice President - Sales 50 $1,164,319
Peter Sweers Former SVP & Chief Information Officer 0 $1,090,379
Anthony Poole SVP, President - U.S. Branch 50 $784,340
Sharon Giffen SVP, Chief Risk Officer 50 $727,501
Paul D Reaburn SVP & Chief Information Officer 50 $698,942
Anthony M Garcia President & CEO 50 $602,962
Katharine Rounthwaite SVP, General Counsel & Executive Secretary 50 $528,455
Kasia Czarski SVP, Chief Membership & Marketing Officer 50 $512,630
Suanne Nielsen SVP & Chief Talent Officer 50 $500,950
Jim Giles VP & Chief Investment Officer 50 $498,329
George Crume National Sales Director - U.S. 50 $422,440
Hendrik Verdurmen Vice President, Products 50 $407,859
Jon Stephen McDonald VP, Controller & Executive Treasurer 50 $396,747
Stephen Cheeseman VP & Chief Compliance Officer 50 $388,264
Albert Tiw VP, Strategic Planning & Products Management 50 $331,203
Lino Marano Former AVP, FMO & Business Architecture 0 $281,389
Ralp Ovsec VP & Chief Actuary 50 $269,000
Hasel-Ann Smith Former AVP, Member & Policyholder Services 0 $251,914
Richard Freeborough Director 5 $226,277
Brian Isabelle Director 5 $158,408
John Scott Director 5 $141,562
Martha E Marcon Director 5 $117,162
David Saunders Director 5 $115,328
Wendy A Watson Director 5 $112,081
Robert Lamoureux Director 5 $107,887
Sonia Ameena Boxendale Director 5 $103,287
Michael P Stramaglia Director 5 $103,287
Christopher Stranahan Director 5 $101,681
Laraine Morris Director 5 $101,681
Frank Lochan Director 5 $100,390
James M Bowden Director 5 $97,281
David E Morrison Director 5 $95,320

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