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Organizations Filed Purposes: Mission - Connect the community through great live music. Vision - perform, engage, inspire. The artistic leadership of the organization is committed to representing a broad range of musical styles, including traditional works, contemporary pieces, and new commissions to add to the canon of classical music. Community investment in Utah Symphony | Utah Opera strengthens our economy and enhances our quality of life. Utahns have long recognized that a person's quality of life rests, in part, on the community's commitment to the arts to inspire the human spirit and motivate the betterment of mankind. Over the years, Utah has experienced growth and prominence and continues to become established as a hub for business innovation and scientific research in the United States. Utah Symphony | Utah Opera stands as an influential cultural leader that is often cited by companies as an attraction for a successful and talented workforce to the region.

711110 OPERA PERFORMANCES - Utah Opera performs in Salt Lake City's Capitol Theatre, reaching an audience of an estimated 24,727 during the season. Utah Opera offers 20 performances of four mainstage productions each year, has a nationally-renowned costume shop, and features some of the top singers, directors, conductors, and designers from around the country. A Resident Artists program provides aspiring young singers an opportunity to refine their craft while performing secondary roles and singing in education and community outreach programs. Please see www.utahopera.org for more information.

711130 DEER VALLEY MUSIC FESTIVAL - Currently in its twelfth season, the Deer Valley Music Festival is the summer home of the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera, reaching an audience of an estimated 40,929 during the summer season. The festival provides chamber music, classical, family, and pops offerings in many venues: the Deer Valley Snow Park Outdoor Ampitheater, St. Mary's Church, and salons in private Park City homes. Please see www.deervalleymusicfestival.org for more information.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Melia Tourangeau President & CEO 40 $293,976
Ralph Thomas Matson Concert Master 40 $180,506
David Green Senior VP & COO 40 $139,745
Steve Hogan VP Finance/CFO 40 $123,347
John Eckstein Ex-Officio - Musician 40 $95,187
Lee Livengood Ex-Officio - Musician 40 $74,110
Mark Prothro Trustee 1 $0
Frank R Pignanelli Trustee 1 $0
Bert Roberts Trustee 1 $0
Joanne F Shiebler Trustee 1 $0
Bob Wheaton Trustee 6 $0
John W Williams Trustee 1 $0
Dinesh C Patel Trustee 1 $0
Brad Rencher Trustee 1 $0
Paul Sonntag Ex-Officio - Ogden Symphony Ballet Association 1 $0
John D'Arcy Treasurer 3 $0
Annette Jarvis Secretary 3 $0
William H Nelson Vice Chair 3 $0
David A Petersen Vice Chair 3 $0
Patricia A Richards Chair of the Board 10 $0
Judith Vander Heide Ex-Officio - Ogden Opera Guild 2 $0
Jennifer Streiff-Hickman Ex-Officio-Vivace 1 $0
Julie Meredith Ex-Officio - Utah Symphony Guild 25 $0
Joseph J Palmer Trustee 1 $0
Theodore F Newlin III Trustee 5 $0
David L Dee Trustee 1 $0
Gary L Crocker Trustee 1 $0
Howard S Clark Trustee 1 $0
Kathryn Carter Trustee 1 $0
Judith M Billings Trustee 1 $0
Kirk Benson Trustee 1 $0
Robert F Bennett Trustee 1 $0
J Richard Baringer Trustee 1 $0
Edward R Ashwood Trustee 1 $0
Jesselie Barlow Anderson Trustee 1 $0
Alex J Dunn Trustee 1 $0
Kristen Fletcher Trustee 1 $0
Edward B Moreton Trustee 1 $0
Greg Miller Trustee 1 $0
Brad W Merrill Trustee 1 $0
R David McMillan Trustee 1 $0
Laura S Kaiser Trustee 1 $0
Ronald W Jibson Trustee 1 $0
Thomas N Jacobson Trustee 1 $0
Gregory L Hardy Trustee 1 $0
David Golden Trustee 1 $0
Kem C Gardner Trustee 1 $0
Amy Rees Anderson Trustee 1 $0

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