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Organizations Filed Purposes: Protection of animal rights

PUBLIC OUTREACH & EDUCATION - PETA conducts educational campaigns and publishes materials that are distributed to students, teachers, the general public, and supporters. These efforts include making materials available for younger children, high school and college students, and educators as well as publishing factsheets, booklets, fliers, posters, and PETAs magazine, Animal Times. Our campaigns, which reach millions of people and receive extensive media coverage, involve renowned celebrities, interactive social networking, website features, blog posts, and public service announcements, which are typically placed for free in high-exposure outlets. In fiscal year 2014, PETA logged more than 3,500 interactions with the media via letters, tweets, and radio, TV, and print interviews. PETA also had more than 74 million people visit its various websites.

INTERNATIONAL GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGNS - PETA organizes campaigns to inform the public about the abuse and slaughter of animals in the food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment industries, among others. In 2014, PETA helped organize more than 120 demonstrations and sent out several million letters and e-mails to urge companies and individuals to make changes that benefit animals. Following PETAs efforts to end dehorning (i.e., cutting or searing off calves horns with no pain relief) in the dairy industry, companies such as Chipotle, Peets Coffee & Tea, and Amys Kitchen are pressuring their suppliers to stop this cruel mutilation. PETA also persuaded Williams-Sonoma to stop offering foie gras in its catalogs and at its 250 retail locations; worked with several property owners to retrofit their spiked fences in order to prevent deer from becoming fatally impaled on them; helped enact bullhook bans in Los Angeles and Clatsop County, OR; and got to remove all SeaWorld promotions and coupons from its website as well as outdoor retailer The Timberland Company, an official partner of the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade, to urge Macys to cancel the SeaWorld float. PETAs youth division, peta2, interacted with more than 200,000 young people at colleges, various music festivals, and other events and took along the Glass Walls exhibit, which shows students what the meat industry is trying to hide and helps them find out what they can do to end the suffering of animals. PETA maintained pressure on the Canadian government to stop the annual seal slaughter by helping to persuade the World Trade Organization to uphold the EUs ban on seal-fur imports. This decision was a big win for baby seals and a landmark step toward protecting animals under international trade law. After hearing from PETA, more than 30 retailers, including giants such as Gap Inc., Perry Ellis, French Connection, Calvin Klein, and Zappos, stopped selling angora, which involves painfully ripping the fur out of rabbits skin. As a result of PETAs campaign against downthe first such campaign in the animal-protection movementretailers Coleman, which distributes outdoor gear, and Sports Authority, a sporting goods company with more than 450 stores in 45 states, stopped selling products made with down feathers. PETA also got numerous events, including circuses, elephant rides, a kangaroo boxing match, goldfish and hermit crab giveaways, and live-animal exhibits canceled; convinced top advertising agency Dieste to pledge not to use great apes in advertising; and persuaded Volkswagen to pull an ad featuring a capuchin monkey and pledge not to use primates in future ads. Among other things, PETA also succeeded in getting six self-storage companies, including Public Storage, the number one company in the nation in this field, and U-Haul, the third largest, to stop using glue traps. Mid-America Apartment Communities, the seventh-largest apartment management company in the nation, also banned the use of glue traps after hearing from PETA.

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Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Jeff Kerr Asst Secretary 1.00 $130,455
Tracy Reiman Vice President 40.00 $89,618
Ingrid E Newkirk President 40.00 $40,259
Michael Rodman Chairman,Treas 1.00 $0
Jeanne Roush Director 1.00 $0

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