8580 Magellan Parkway Building IV, Richmond, VA 23227

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Organizations Filed Purposes: The mission is to bring compassion to health care and to be good help to those in need, especially those who are poor and dying. As a system of caregivers, we commit ourselves to help bring people and communities to health and wholeness.

Bon Secours Home Care, LLC: In 1824, the Sisters of Bon Secours began to care for the sick in their own homes in Paris, France. Today, compassionate care at home remains a fundamental part of the mission of Bon Secours. Bon Secours Home Care provides care to patients in the home setting and offers a comprehensive suite of services to patients, from infants to seniors, which address their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Such services include:- Skilled Nursing (diabetic teaching, medication management, post-operative care) - Certified Wound and Ostomy Nurse - Heart Failure Disease Management Program - Home Telehealth Monitoring - Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy - Medical Social Workers - Pediatric Services - Orthopedic Rehab Services - Home Health Aides (activities of daily living assistance in conjunction with patient's rehabilitative plan of care)Bon Secours Home Care, LLC is a single-member limited liability company. As such, the activity of the entity is disregarded for tax purposes and consolidated into the Form 990 of its member Bon Secours Richmond Health System.

Bon Secours Ambulatory Services, LLC (dba Bon Secours Good Health Express) serves as an urgent care center for the community of Henrico County. Families have access to board-certified physicians and medical professionals trained in adult and pediatric life support. The organization provides qualify urgent care without an emergency room visit. Bon Secours Ambulatory Services, LLC follows the same Financial Assistance Policy of its related tax exempt hospitals within Bon Secours Richmond Health System (St. Mary's Hospital, Memorial Regional Medical Center, Richmond Community Hospital, and St. Francis Medical Center). Patients are never turned away due to their inability to pay. Services provided, but not excluded to:- Onsite diagnostic laboratory and imaging services- Treatment of broken bones- Treatment of minor injuries like the flu or sore throat

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
Peter Bernard CEO - Bon Secours Virginia 2.00 $1,412,081
Janice Burnett Board Member 2.00 $759,319
Melinda Hancock Treasurer/CFO (Sep-Dec) 2.00 $396,841
Jim Godwin VP - Human Resources 1.00 $251,788
Stephan Quiriconi Treasurer/VP Finance (Jan-Aug) 2.00 $222,471
Kimberly Kothe RPT 50.00 $186,677
Jennifer Howerton RPT 50.00 $177,980
Lydia Frye RN 50.00 $163,787
Margaret Trent Physical Therapist 50.00 $152,595
Michelle Hafner RN 50.00 $138,490
Mary Malone Board Member (Jan-Aug) 2.00 $0
Jeff Brown MD Board Member 2.00 $0
B Keith Fulton Board Member (Jan-Aug) 2.00 $0
Reginald Gordon Board Member (Jan-Aug) 2.00 $0
Sr Rose Marie Jasinski CBS Board Member 2.00 $0
Jon King Board Member 2.00 $0
Sr Anne Marie Mack CBS President 3.00 $0
Allen Goolsby III Secretary 2.00 $0
Michel Zajur Board Member 2.00 $0
Jane Watkins Board Member (Jan-Aug) 2.00 $0
Harry Turton Jr Board Member 2.00 $0
Robert Sledd Chair 3.00 $0
Claudia MacSwain Board Member (Sep-Dec) 2.00 $0
Pamela Schutz Board Member 2.00 $0
Pamela Royal MD Board Member 2.00 $0
Irvin Seeman MD Board Member 2.00 $0

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