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Organizations Filed Purposes: Operation Smile is a children's medical charity that has a presence in more than 60 countries to provide free, safe treatment and surgery for those who suffer from facial deformities such as cleft lip, cleft palate, and other surgically amenable conditions. The organization works to build self-sufficiency and sustainable healthcare infrastructures in our host countries. To do this, Operation Smile trains local doctors to treat children in their own communities, donates crucial medical equipment and supplies, builds public-private partnerships, and creates and mentors in-country Foundations to increase capacity. Operation Smile is committed to raising public awareness, educating, and serving as an advocate for children born with cleft lip and cleft palate, and the need for safe, well timed, and effective surgery. Through partnerships, Operation Smile is conducting research to ultimately help prevent the number of new children born with clefts by identifying the root causes. By inspiring

Public Education and Research: Operation Smile is dedicated to raising awareness of the life-threatening issue of clefts, as well as providing lasting solutions that allow children to be healed regardless of financial standing. Operation Smile advocates for safe surgery as a global health priority through partnerships with leading medical institutions and other nonprofit organizations around the world. To research the cause of clefting, Operation Smile engages in partnerships, so we can work toward reducing the incidence of clefts. For example, Operation Smile piloted the International Family Study to examine genetic characteristics of clefts. To educate the public and global communities about the issues surrounding clefts, Operation Smile conducts ongoing communications to create a greater awareness for the global need, as well as delivers messages that provide information and guidance for families on how to prevent clefts and what steps to take when a child is born with a cleft. Operation Smile has mobilized hundreds of thousands of medical, community and student volunteers worldwide to help us educate the public about the cleft cause. More than 900 student clubs and associations in over 50 countries channel their compassion and energies to help educate others while building core values of leadership and volunteerism, learning firsthand how they can create an impact in the world and help heal humanity. Training and Building Sustainability: Operation Smile continually advances its mission to build a self-sufficient global health network for the treatment of clefts. We do this by training healthcare providers around the world to give them the highly-specialized skills needed to provide treatment for the backlog of children already suffering from clefts, and for those babies who are born every day with this tragic facial deformity. In addition, the organization donates crucial medical equipment and supplies; develops public/private partnerships; and creates global, in-country Foundations that strengthen local development, raise funds and awareness as well as coordinate surgical programs Operation Smile has also established 36 centers designed to provide year-round care and train medical volunteers to help increase in-country capacity. Through partnerships with the American Heart Association, as well as with leading medical and teaching institutions and foundations, healthcare professionals from developing countries receive evidence-based education, hands on training and mentoring. Operation Smile also sponsored conferences, seminars, workshops, rotation programs, visiting professorships, exchanges, and short and long term fellowships. To Operation Smile, students offer the energy and passion necessary to spark the ripple effect for change. Over 900 student clubs and associations in over 50 countries - from grade schools to universities - use their compassion and selflessness to help change children's lives. Operation Smile's Student Programs offer youth a unique opportunity to understand the importance of giving back to their communities and the world, and help them develop the skills necessary to do so. For example, hundreds of high school students from around the world volunteer on Operation Smile's surgical programs every year, providing education on burn care and prevention, oral rehydration therapy, dental hygiene, nutrition, and hand washing to inform local populations of basic healthcare that ultimately improves quality of life. Local in-country students also volunteer during surgical programs to serve as translators and help entertain and soothe patients during screening and in the recovery wards. Each year, Operation Smile also hosts the International Student Leadership Conference where students learn about leadership, character development, team building, and celebrate cultural diversity. In 2014, over 450 students from 25 different countries traveled to Limerick, Ireland where they gained a better understanding of global cultures and developed their skills as future philanthropic leaders.

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Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
William P Magee Jr DDS MD CEO & Director 40.0 $377,915
Kyla Shawyer COO (UNTIL 7/13) 40.0 $195,382
William Kliewer CEO (UNTIL 7/13) 40.0 $183,529
Kristie Porcaro SVP, Strategic Pship & Dev 40.0 $151,846
Ruben Ayala SVP of Int'l Prog & Med Affrs 40.0 $149,935
Lisa Jardanhazy VP, Strategic Pship & CRM 40.0 $144,506
Teresa Kraus CFO (UNTIL 7/13) 40.0 $129,500
Yvonne Wray Senior Development Director 40.0 $128,587
Scott Voss AVP, Marketing and Comm 40.0 $128,534
Ernest Zinn COO 40.0 $107,166
Kathleen S Magee MSW ED President & Director 40.0 $0
William K Wynne Director 1.0 $0
Jerry Moyes Director 1.0 $0
Alberto Motta Jr Director 1.0 $0
Alex J Marshall Director 1.0 $0
Samual P Fuller MD Director 20.0 $0
Jim Siti Treasurer & Director 1.0 $0
Kevin Miller Chairman & Director 25.0 $0

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