3409 Elm Springs Road, Springdale, AR 72762

Total Revenue
Total Expenses
Net Assets

Organizations Filed Purposes: The corporation shall promote, within the territory covered by the charter from time to time granted it by the Boy Scouts of America and in accordance with the Congressional Charter, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America, the Scouting program of promoting the ability of boys and young men and women to do things for themselves and others, training them in Scoutcraft, and teaching them patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues, using the methods which are now in common use by the Boy Scouts of America.

Provide summer camp for scouts and troops; activities for scouts; adult training; support for units; support for handicapped scouts in western Arkansas.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Chris DaughtreyTrustee40$91,254
Tom YoungbloodAt Large0.2$0
Todd WisdomAt Large0.2$0
Mark WalterAt Large0.2$0
Greg VickersAt Large0.2$0
Robert SpearsAt Large0.2$0
Randy SimpsonAt Large0.2$0
Leona ProtheroAt Large0.2$0
Tom PorterfieldAt Large0.2$0
Malinda PittsAt Large0.2$0
Josh BugejaDistrict Chair0.2$0
Daniel ShewmakerBoard Member0.2$0
James ReedVP Endowment0.2$0
Marty MahanVP Membership0.2$0
Everette LongBoard Member0.2$0
Bob LargentDistrict Chair0.2$0
Jim PhillipsAt Large0.2$0
Frank JohnsonVP Diversity0.2$0
Greg FoglePast President0.2$0
Chris FitzDistrict Chair0.2$0
Jose EstradaCommissioner0.2$0
James MooreAt Large0.2$0
Bryan HuntsmanAt Large0.2$0
Robert ChristiansenVP Program0.2$0
Gregory BurrowsBoard Member0.2$0
Don WalkerBoard Chair0.2$0
Rand WaddoupsBoard Member0.2$0
George McgillAt Large0.2$0
Gary HeadAt Large0.2$0
Dennis EstradaBoard Member0.2$0
Al FischerDistrict Chair0.2$0
Zachary KingTreasurer0.2$0
Mark PuenteBoard Member0.2$0
Joe DouglasBoard Member0.2$0
James JohnsonBoard Member0.2$0
Becky GuyAt Large0.2$0
David McgillBoard Member0.2$0
Angela Marshall-HofmannBoard Member0.2$0
Jamie GreenAt Large0.2$0
Ben ShipleyCouncil Attny0.2$0
Diana Gonzales-WorthenAt Large0.2$0
Brian DelungAt Large0.2$0
Steve LovickBoard Member0.2$0
Jason GreenBoard Member0.2$0
Jimmie ConduffAt Large0.2$0
Paul ProtheroBoard Member0.2$0
Dave GallowayBoard Member0.2$0
Chip ChambersAt Large0.2$0
Mary FisherBoard Member0.2$0
David FisherBoard Member0.2$0
James EichlingBoard Member0.2$0
Caleb LightBoard Member0.2$0
Jack ButtVP Administrati0.2$0
Ron BrownBoard Member0.2$0
Mike BenefieldBoard Member0.2$0
Dwight HeasleyVP Properties0.2$0
Ben BiggerAt Large0.2$0

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