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Organizations Filed Purposes: Kings View offers services for: Substance abuse, mental health, developmentally disabled adults, transitional aged youth, Telepsychiatry, & Information technology

County and State Programs - County Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Services, Court ordered diversion under contract providing: counseling, crisis, medication, day treatment, outreach, prevention/intervention education. Mental Health program accomplishments:Kings County Mental Health served 6,455 clients, and provided 50,386 service hours.The PATH Homeless program served 575 clients, and provided 3,125 service hours.The Blue Sky program served 722 clients, and provided 14,662 service hours.The YEC/TAY program served 572 clients, and provided 1980 service hours.The CVSPH program served 25,159 clients, and provided 3,019 service hours. The Tulare One Stop program served 181 clients, and provided 4,884 service hours. The Tulare Mobile program served 306 clients, and provided 5,075 service hours.The SELPA program served 172 clients, and provided 5,038 service hours. The Rural Triage program served 887 clients, and provided 3,070 service hours.The MAP (Multi-agency Access program) served 180 clients, and provided 1500 service hours.Substance Abuse program Accomplishments:The PC1000 program served 161 clients, and provided 2,925 service hours.The Drunk Driving program served 3,595 clients, and provided 83,662 service hours.

Other Programs - Telepsychiatry services; the Skills4Success program; and management information systems support services to Plumas, Trinity, Madera, Del Norte, San Benito, Toulumne, Mariposa, Merced, and Nevada counties are programs that provide additional revenues used to fund Kings View's administration of health and rehabilitation care services.The Telepsychiatry program served 2,198 clients, and provided 8,016 service hours.The Skills4Success program served 190 clients, and provided 5,130 service hours.

Work Experience Program - The Kings View Work Experience Center in Atwater provides, principally, work experience, vocational assessment and activities for mentally and developmentally disabled clients. Clients served and hours of service for this program were: 258 clients, and 2,887 hours, respectively.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Leon HooverCEO40$165,930
Brenda Johnson-HillExecutive Director40$154,583
William DollarCIO40$146,220
Susan GoldenExecutive Director40$134,209
Jim RodriguezCFO40$128,483
Tamica HillExecutive Director40$97,006
Beverly RaineExecutive Director40$92,845
David SinghBoard Member1$0
Nathan YoderBoard Member1$0
Irma OlguinBoard Member1$0
Quinn CrozierBoard Member1$0
Roger FastBoard Member1$0
E Jane MiddletonSecretary1$0
Philip NeufeldChairperson2$0

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