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-Member Health Care Services and Medical Training to Improve Care- Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. (KFHP, Inc.) provides medical and surgical care, including urgent care services, extended care and home health care, for its members without regards to age, sex, race, religion or national origin or the ability to pay. KFHP, Inc. educates and trains medical students and other health care professionals and promotes scientific and nursing education in order to improve care.

- MEDICAID AND OTHER GOVERNMENT SPONSORED PROGRAMS - Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (KFHP, Inc.) is committed to improving medical care for beneficiaries of Medicaid and other government sponsored programs, not only for KFHP, Inc. members, but also within the communities we serve. At the end of 2016, over 583,000 individuals were receiving the benefits of full membership in KFHP, Inc.s Medicaid managed care programs in the states of California and Hawaii. Approximately 149,000 more individuals were members of the Childrens Health Insurance Program (CHIP). In addition, KFHP, Inc. provided health care on a fee-for-service basis for Medicaid beneficiaries who were not enrolled as KFHP, Inc. members.

- CHARITY CARE(MEDICAL FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND CHARITABLE HEALTH COVERAGE)- Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. provides charity care to low-income vulnerable patients through the Medical Financial Assistance (MFA) and Charitable Health Coverage (CHC) Programs. KFHP, Inc. offers financial assistance through the MFA program to help families and individuals with a demonstrated financial need pay for all or part of the cost of emergency or medically necessary care provided in Kaiser Permanente facilities and/or by Kaiser Permanente providers. In 2016, this program assisted approximately 164,000 qualifying applicants, including more than 36,000 patients who were not covered by a KFHP, Inc. product. The CHC programs offer regular Kaiser Foundation Health Plan membership at minimal cost to low income families who are not eligible for other public or privately sponsored coverage. Approximately 57,000 individuals were receiving comprehensive health care through these programs at the end of 2016.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Bernard TysonChairman & CEO12$8,529,498
Donna LynneEVP, GP & Region Pres - CO0$5,214,011
Arthur SouthamEVP, Health Plan Operations25$2,775,635
Kathryn LancasterEVP & CFO15$2,681,226
Gregory AdamsEVP, Group President10$2,457,650
Benjamin ChuEVP,GP & Region President SCAL25$2,371,766
Wade OvergaardSVP, Health Plan Ops - CA44$1,821,601
Richard DanielsEVP, CIO46$1,786,816
Mark ZemelmanSVP, General Counsel & Secy21$1,630,173
Charles ColumbusSVP, Chief HR Officer25$1,527,720
Janet LiangRegional President - NCAL25$1,386,290
Michael RoweSVP, CFO - NCAL30$1,309,692
Raymond BaxterSVP, CB Research & Hlth Policy25$1,292,333
Charles BevilacquaSVP, HP Products, Svc & Admin50$1,155,388
Daniel GarciaSVP, Chief Compliance Officer21$1,137,595
Mary Ann BarnesRegion President - Hawaii0$1,120,503
Paul M SwensonSVP & Chief Strategy Officer50$1,099,290
Julie Miller-PhippsRegional President - SCAL9$1,097,514
Anthony BarruetaSVP, Government Relations25$1,076,323
George DisalvoSVP, CFO - SCAL30$1,063,099
Thomas MeierSVP, Corporate Treasurer20$1,050,818
Cesar VillalpandoSVP, Enterprise Shared Svcs25$1,045,511
Gerald MccallSVP Operations0$962,147
Donald OrndoffSVP, NFS15$935,840
Debora Lynn CatsavasSVP, HR - NCAL50$916,974
Patrick CourneyaEVP, Chief Medical Officer25$906,260
Dennis L DabneySVP, LABOR RELATIONS50$885,307
Gay WestfallSVP, SPECIAL PROJECTS50$874,988
Ron GroepperSVP & Area Manager50$874,686
Robert BeltchChief Audit Executive50$866,223
James SimpsonSVP, Finance - BU & ROC25$835,636
Thomas CurtinSVP, Natl Sales & Acct Mgmt50$830,904
Mick DiedeSVP, Chief Actuary30$820,356
Christine PaigeSVP, Marketing & Internet Svcs50$785,988
Christopher OhmanVP, Health Plan Expansion50$697,454
John YamamotoAssistant Secretary50$643,745
Laurel JunkVP, Chief Procurement Officer50$640,447
Vanessa BenavidesSVP, Chief Comp & Priv Officer30$620,543
Alfonse UpshawSVP,Corporate Controller & CAO16.5$616,612
Jerry C FlemingSVP, Health Reform Implement0$592,295
Sandra GolzeAssistant Secretary - NCAL25$567,331
Thomas W Chapman EddDirector0$513,713
Deborah StokesSVP,Corporate Controller & CAO16.5$503,944
Bechara ChoucairSVP,Community Health & Benefit25$480,507
Kendall HunterSVP, Health Ins Exchange Opns50$439,375
David KvanczVP, Natl Pharmacy Pgms & Svcs0$435,604
Carlos ZaragozaAssistant Secretary25$408,667
Wayne SwaffordVP, Natl Facilities Svc - ROC50$404,630
Karen EmmonsVP, Research and Dir, KFRI50$383,747
Frank RichardsonAssistant Secretary - HI25$309,105
Hong-Sze YuAssistant Secretary14$304,345
Rochelle RothAssistant Secretary27$274,594
Jacqueline SellersAssistant Secretary15$265,122
Margaret E Porfido JdDirector2$247,358
Judith A Johansen JdDirector4$240,707
Philip A MarineauDirector2.4$229,371
Edward PeiDirector3.5$226,739
David HoffmeisterDirector4$225,809
Victoria ZatkinVP, Off of Brd & Corp Gov Svcs14$216,783
Kim J KaiserDirector2.5$216,547
Leslie S HeiszDirector2$215,118
Cynthia A Telles PhdDirector3$214,309
Richard Shannon MdDirector2$212,000
Jeffrey E EpsteinDirector3$206,871
Regina M Benjamin Md MbaDirector3$197,178
Eugene Washington MdDirector3$186,626
Maryann BodayleAssistant Secretary22$166,251
Cynthia OvermyerSVP, Internal Audit0$161,768
Jed WeissbergSVP, Quality & Care Del Excel0$156,354
Mitchell GoodsteinSVP, Actuarial, U/W & Pricing0$156,270
Ramon F BaezDirector2$152,591
Herman WeilSVP, Federal & State Programs0$142,478
Diane Gage-LofgrenSVP, Brand Mgmt & Comm0$127,244
George HalvorsonChairman0$37,258
J Eugene Grisby Iii PhdDirector0$27,039
J Neal PurcellDirector0$18,192

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