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Organizations Filed Purposes: California Waterfowl is an award-winning 501(C)(3) nonprofit conservation organization. We envision a California with thriving waterfowl populations, vibrant wetland ecosystems and respected hunting communities.

We envision a California with thriving waterfowl populations, vibrant wetland ecosystems and respected hunting communities.

Waterfowl and Wetlands Department: Our wetlands program has worked to maximize the value of California's wetlands to migratory birds and other wetland-dependent species by performing habitat restoration and enhancement that provides quality waterfowl habitat, increases waterfowl food supplies, and improves water efficiency, which is critical in the drought-prone state. In 2019/20, our work improved 9,422 acres of habitat. Our waterfowl program has supported migratory birds by banding 8,522 waterfowl, which provides data for science-based hunting regulations; coordinating the volunteer California wood duck program, which provided nest boxes that produced 41,540 wood ducks in 2019/20 and more than 887,000 since the program's inception in 1991); and coordinating the egg salvage program, which partners with farmers to rescue imperiled wild duck nests in farm fields, incubate the eggs, and rear the hatchlings until they can be released into the wild. 2,283 duck eggs were rescued in 2019/2020. 1,645 acres were enrolled in a new Delayed Wheat Harvest program which paid farmers to leave their crops standing through the nesting season to allow nesting hens to successfully hatch and transport their ducklings to nearby wetlands before harvester entered the field, which would have destroyed the nests and potentially killed the nesting ducks

California Waterfowl's Youth and Education Department has worked on two fronts to increase support for waterfowl and wetlands through education. We connected with more than 13,400 youth in 2019/2020 through field trips, presentations, hands-on projects and festivals, including the popular Junior Duck Stamp Program. Through youth, women and veteran programs we also provided intensive hands-on training for 910 aspiring hunters and anglers who become the vital core of financial and policy support for wildlife habitat. We also provided high quality hunting opportunities to 2,727 people through the California Waterfowl Hunt Program.

California Waterfowl's policy team works to keep the "wet" in wetlands, ensuring that water is available for California's breeding population of waterfowl as well as the millions of migrating waterfowl that winter in the state. This includes seeking legislatively-mandated Central Valley Improvement Act (CVPIA) water for private and public wetlands throughout the Central Valley and working to secure water for the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, the nation's first waterfowl refuge. The team also worked to secure passage of legislation designed to increase and improve waterfowl and upland nesting habitat in California, as well as fighting policies that erode interest in hunting, which correspondingly erodes funding for wildlife habitat.

Executives Listed on Filing

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
John D Carlson JrPRESIDENT37$231,420
Jacob MesserliCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER39$169,650
Richard Scott MuellerVP FUND & MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT40$141,296
Michael FriedenbergVP DEVELOPMENT40$139,200
Chadd SanterreWetland Programs Supervisor - NAWCA Coordinator40$126,987
Timothy L DavanisField Representative40$118,157
Sheryl FletcherBoard Director1$0
Michael HoppeBoard Director1$0
Mark BittnerBoard Director1$0
Dr Michael Marshall DdsBoard Director1$0
Dr Frank Portale DdsBoard Director1$0
Dave SansonBoard Director1$0
Daniel L SozziBoard Director1$0
Cybil BryantBoard Director1$0
Charles TonnesenBoard Director1$0
Bill QuinnPast President's Appointee1$0
Rocque MerloVice Chair (until 8/2019) / Chair1$0
Robert PlathChair (until 8/2019) / Board Director1$0
Rik JimersonTreasurer (until 8/2019) / vice chair1$0
Richard A PetersonSecretary1$0
Austin EdwardsTreasurer1$0

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