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Organizations Filed Purposes: JCAM maintains, preserves and restores Jewish cemeteries and grave sites throughout Massachusetts. JCAM owns and manages 124 cemeteries in Massachusetts , which represents 56% of the Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts. JCAM's mission includes a solution in perpetuity for both active and formerly abandoned cemeteries, providing a dignified final resting place for those interred in these cemeteries. JCAM also plays a role in the preservation of historic sites and historical and genealogical access to 175 years of history of Jewish people and communities in Massachusetts.

JCAM maintains, preserves and restores Jewish cemeteries and gravesites throughout Massachusetts. JCAM owns and manages more than 100 cemeteries in Massachusetts, which represents nearly 50% of the Jewish cemeteries in Massachusetts.

MAINTAIN CEMETERIES -- Since 1984, JCAM has taken ownership for 115 abandoned and active Jewish cemeteries, as well as managing nine independent Jewish cemeteries. JCAM performs regular and seasonal maintenance for the cemeteries and grave sites as prescribed by Jewish laws and customs. In addition, JCAM pays attention to the security of these visible, vulnerable, and often remote, Jewish sites. In so doing, the memories of the community's children, parents, grandparents and more distant ancestors are preserved for future generations of Jewish families and historians.

RESTORE CEMETERIES -- Many Jewish cemeteries fell into disrepair in the years before JCAM took responsibility for their maintenance. Each year, JCAM has invested in the restoration of Jewish cemeteries to improve safety and enhance their sacred purpose for families and visitors.

SUPPORT BURIALS -- Many of the JCAM cemeteries continue to be fully operational, with empty plots available for new families and family members. JCAM helps families make arrangements for their loved ones and helps provide for burials according to Jewish laws and customs (on an as needed basis). Free graves and burials are provided for indigent people in the Jewish community, as part of a commitment to helping those in need have proper and dignified Jewish burial. JCAM partners with other community organizations in this mission.

Executives Listed on Filing

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Stanley KaplanFormer Executive Director35$161,233
Solomon SheenaBoard Member0.5$0
Judith SelwynBoard Member1$0
Rabbi David GrossmanBoard Member0.5$0
Miriam DrukmanBoard Member0.5$0
Murray DavidsonBoard Member0.5$0
Sharon ClevengerBoard Member0.5$0
Stephen HamburgerAssistant Clerk2.5$0
Sander RikleenClerk4.5$0
Howard GoldAssistant Treasurer1.5$0
Howard HirschTreasurer3.5$0
Jay SageVice President1.5$0
Scott JosephVice President3.5$0
Laurence RichmondPresident4.5$0

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