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Organizations Filed Purposes: Operate a wildlife sanctuary and museum to perpetuate the memory, spirit, works and teachings of Cordelia J. Stanwood. Exhibits include plant life, wildlife, forestry and birds.

Rehabilitation of birds in compliance with our certificate of organization goes on year-round. Birds brought to the sanctuary are evaluated, repaired and cared for to the point of their release. This work is done in conjunction with several veterinarians. If the injured bird heals but is not releasable, they remain in separate enclosures for educational purposes. Some are involved in school conservation and community programs as well as programs on site (between 50 and 75 a year). Photographers, sculptors, wood carvers and artists utilize these live birds for their authentic bird artwork. Estimate 7,000 viewers.

The two-hundred acre property is available year-round, free, for walking, photography, skiing, snowshoeing and dog-walking on the wildlife trails. The maintenance of these trails, building bridges, pruning paths, cleaning up dead-fall, opening areas for the bird life and building ponds and walkways through marshes goes on constantly. Our aim is to perform these activities while all the time trying to maintain a balance between young, middle and mature growth of the forest. The time it takes to maintain educational signage adorning the trails and trail markings is endless. Estimate 3,000 walkers.

The purpose of the Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary, according to its certificate of organization is accomplished by the homestead of Cordelia J. Stanwood being open to the public from May to October. Daily tours are conducted in addition to various scheduled groups. As the homestead is free to the public, we estimate the attendance at 2,000. The Nature Center is available to the public from April to November. Displays abound throughout. School groups, service and community groups, Audubon and conservation groups in addition to the public utilize the facility. Rainy days cause outdoor activities to move into the Nature Center. Estimate 5,000 visitors.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Grayson RichmondExecutive Director40$28,000
Dan OttoTrustee0$0
Ernest TracyTrustee0$0
Stanley RichmondTrustee0$0
Gardiner RichmondTrustee0$0
Penny RickerTrustee0$0
Rebekah RayeTrustee0$0
Cynthia MerrillTrustee0$0
Donald KnowlesTrustee0$0
Daniel KnowlesTreasurer0$0
Steve JordanTrustee0$0
Susan JordanTrustee0$0
David JordanTrustee0$0
Joyce M JohnstonTrustee0$0
Brett W JohnstonPresident0$0
Janet HigginsTrustee0$0
Bonnie HerseyTrustee0$0
Nancy L GuyTrustee0$0
Tamara DunawayTrustee0$0
Diane R CastleVice President0$0
Pier CarrosTrustee0$0
William Blaisdell IvClerk0$0
Barbara AmeenAssistant Treasurer0$0

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