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Organizations Filed Purposes: Islesboro Island Trust is a nonprofit land trust serving the community of Islesboro in Maine's Penobscot Bay. Founded in 1985 as Islesboro's "environmental conscience", the mission is to enhance the quality of residents' lives through the preservation of open space, educate all residents as to the value of the island's natural ecosystems, and act as an environmental advocate on behalf of Islesboro and the surrounding Penobscot Bay region.

Islesboro Islands Trust (IIT) purchased the 41.2-acre Blueberry Hill Preserve (Lot 17, Map 33, Town of Islesboro Tax Maps)on August 5, 2019. Efforts to revitalize the blueberry production and other agricultural uses, as well as to create a walking trail, access to the shore, and to historical sites on the property began immediately.The Board of Trustees adopted a Resolution to Permanently Protect the Blueberry Hill Preserve Property on March 14, 2020. The Blueberry Hill Preserve will be permanently held by IIT for its charitable conservation and educational purposes and shall not be developed for residential, commercial or industrial uses. The Blueberry Hill Preserve Property shall be used for wildlife habitat, open space, scenic vista, low-impact recreation, agriculture, and nature study.IIT continued to maintain and improve outdoor experiences at other Trust Preserves,maintaining more than 13 miles of trails approximately four feet wide and brush-free to reduce concerns about ticks carrying Lyme disease jumping onto walkers. IIT provides and maintains access to the shore at some of the Preserves.

IIT continued to provide leadership for a Penobscot Watershed Coalition and participated in the Maine Environmental Priorities Coalition.A very large salmon farm proposal to be located in Belfast west of IIT protected property continued to occupy IIT time and attention. Because of its long-standing involvement in water quality matters, the Natural Resources Defense Counsel asked IIT to testify in Maine People's Alliance and Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. V. HoltraChem Manufacturing Company LLC and Mallinckrodt US LLC. IIT monitored progress toward settlement of that case.

IIT offered major Environmental Education services to the public in calendar year 2019 and offered both in-place but individualized and virtual educational experiences in 2020 post Covid 19. IIT continued working with the Islesboro Preschool and Islesboro Central School. The Alice L. Pendleton Library and IIT brought a StoryWalk to two preserves, continued to sponsor the Islesboro Energy Team and the expanded Islesboro Farmers Market and Community Supported Agriculture.

Executives Listed on Filing

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Stephen MillerExec. Director40$103,112
Thomas TutorTrustee2$0
Diana RobertsTrustee2$0
Eloise LawrenceTrustee2$0
Haven LaddTrustee2$0
Laura HouleTrustee2$0
Devens HamlenTrustee2$0
Glad JonesTrustee2$0
Isabel JacksonTrustee2$0
Ben DoveTrustee2$0
Andrew CoombsTrustee2$0
Anna CongdonTrustee2$0
Shey ConoverTrustee2$0
Carla BrighamTrustee2$0
Sue StaffordSecretary4$0
Langhorne SmithTreasurer4$0
Christopher AllenVice President4$0
Sue HatchPresident6$0

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