4000 Conewango Ave, Warren, PA 16365

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Organizations Filed Purposes: Natural resource conservation and rural development

Tourism - Worked with Oil Region Alliance in multiple projects including co-hosting the Nature Art Showcase, completing 5 new mural paintings and renovating the historic Downs Building in downtown Oil City to increase tourism opportunities. We also hosted Warren Co Winterfest, a family friendly winter festival and completed the engineering design for a 1.6 mile ADA accessible interpretive nature trail in Two Mile Park in Venango Co, and rehabilitated a hicking trail and installed an information kiosk in Erie Bluffs State Park. We also installed a scale model of the St. Louis Gateway Arch at the Warren Co Visitors Bureau which will serve as a permanent monument to record the history of Warren, PA being the birthplace to the Gateway Arch National Park. We also partnered with the Allegheny National Forest CHapter of the North Country National Scenic Trail to establish five new tourism information kiosks along the NCNST. The purpose is to utilize available natural and historic resources within our region to improve tourism opportunities and the local economy.

Soil/Water Conservation - Worked to improve planning and installation of soil and water conservation practices to benefit water quality, control erosion, improve crop and forage production management, and improve nutrient management application by agricultural producers. We also provided technical assistance to land users interested in enrolling lands in the wetland reserve program to create additional wildlife habitat and improve water quality and quantity management. The results of this effort will increase opportunities for private landowners to manage their lands better, protect the environment, improve water qualty management, and increase economic returns from their lands.

Economic development - We partnered with the Assoc. of Warm Season Grass Producers to conduct a marketing campaign that highlights the economic and environmental benefits from using warm season grass and how using these alternative crops adds to the sustainablity and profitablity of PA's farms and farm communities. Warm season grass performs better than traditionally used materials such as bedding straw or sawdust for example. The Assoc of Warm Season Grass Producers launched a marketing campaign throughout PA's farming community to educate and promote the many economic and environmental benefits of warm season grass usage, will help farmers begin using warm season grass in their farming operations, will develop a catalogue of growers and sellers in each county in PA, and will present the project's marketing results and grass producer's catalogue to the farm community. We also hosted an educational field day to educate local beef producers how to market their meat products directly to the restaurant secment of the retail industry to improve profitablity of small farms. We also served to assist the Toy Shoppe of Warren, PA senior citizen volunteers who are dedicated to producing handmade wooden toys and distributing them free of charge to disadvantaged families and children's service providers in our region.

Executives Listed on Filing

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Heather WilcoxMember1$0
Cindy MorrisonMember1$0
Chip AbramovicMember1$0
Donna ZofcinMember1$0
Tom McclureMember1$0
Kathy DahlkemperMember1$0
Linda KingMember1$0
Tracy CrawfordMember1$0
Ed AtwoodMember1$0
Francis Weiderspahn JrMember1$0
Deb FrawleyMember1$0
William KodrichMember1$0
Elliott LengelMember1$0
Tom SchafferMember1$0
Wayne BrosiusMember1$0
Basil HuffmanMember1$0
Ernest AharrahMember1$0
Scott WeikertMember1$0
Mark MuirMember1$0
Ronald KerrMember1$0
George FreemanMember1$0
Jim MondokMember1$0
Marilyn BlackSecretary5$0
Joann MccreadyTreasurer5$0
Jack PrestonChairman5$0

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