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Organizations Filed Purposes: Bat Conservation and Rehabilitation

Bat World Sanctuary is dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and release of injured bats as well as a sanctuary for non-releasable bats. This year over 2,000 bats were rescued, and over 1,900 of these were released back into the wild. We assisted both the public and wildlife rescuers with bat rescue rehabilitation issues in Argentina, Belarus, Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kuwait, Malta, Pacific Ocean, Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. We also provided help and and information to bat rescuers and assisted the public with downed bats and humane bat exclusions in 41 states in the USA.

As the only accredited sanctuary for bats in the world, we continue to collaborate with US Fish and Wildlife Department on efforts to control White Nose Syndrome. We continue to offer education programs for Animal Services officers, veterinarians, sonservation scientists, biologists and wildlife rehabilitators around the world. We engage in raising the awareness of the public through speaking engagements, publications, promotional and educational items showing bats in a positive context, and online education about bats through our website, social media, and books. This year we reached over 5 million people online with information about bats. We presented educational workshops to Texas Animal Control Association as well as basic and advanced workshops on bat rehabilitation for veterinarians and other animal care professionals.

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Jacqueline SutherlandSecretary20$0
Kate RugrodenTreasurer30$0
Dottie HyattVice President30$0
Amanda LollarPresident80$0

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