1600 Harden Street, Columbia, SC 29204

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Net Assets

Organizations Filed Purposes: Benedict College will be a power for good in society. The College is a full opportunity college with high quality programs of teaching, research, and public service. These programs provide the students and community with knowledge, skills, understandings and values required to empower them to create a better world. The College seeks geographic, international and racial diversity in the student body while continuing to facilitate empowerment, enhancement, and full participation of African Americans in a global society.

Student Services - Enrollment Services, College Registrar Health and Counseling, Sports and Recreation

Auxillary Enterprises - The College's dormitories, dining hall, and campus store are the major auxillary enterprises serving the college community. Eleven residence halls provide quarters for approximately 2,266 students.

Executives Listed on Filing

Total Salary includes financial earnings, benefits, and all related organization earnings listed on tax filing

Name Title Hours Per Week Total Salary
David Swinton President & CEO 40.00 $386,234
Janeen Witty Tucker VP Academic Affairs 40.00 $112,350
Ruby Watts Executive VP 40.00 $108,458
Gary Knight VP Student Affairs 40.00 $96,734
Willie Washington Athletics Director 40.00 $93,844
Barbara Moore VP Intitutional Advancement 40.00 $91,282
George Devlin Assistant VP Academic Affairs 40.00 $86,630
John Tucker Jr Assistant VP for Phy 40.00 $77,123
Kathryn Jones Assistant VP Business Affairs 40.00 $70,149
Vareva Harris AVP, Inst Advancement 40.00 $67,431
R Jonathan Charleston Member 1.00 $0
Stephen K Benjamin Member 1.00 $0
Kimberly Smith Member 1.00 $0
Dr Mary Gaffney President 5.00 $0
Dr Lucy Perez Asst. Secretary 5.00 $0
G Tyrone Bonds Member 5.00 $0
Charlie W Johnson Member 5.00 $0
Dr Milton Kimpson Vice Chairman 5.00 $0
Dr Benjamin D Snoddy Member 1.00 $0
Sheryl P Underwood Member 1.00 $0
Mack I Whittle Member 1.00 $0
Anthony T Burroughs Member 1.00 $0
Attorney Valoria Cheek Member 1.00 $0
James E Clark Member 1.00 $0
Frances Close Member 1.00 $0
Audrey P Neal Member 1.00 $0
Dr William P Diggs Member 1.00 $0
Dr Paul W Drummond Member 1.00 $0
Vince Ford Member 1.00 $0
Dr Willie J Hill Jr Member 1.00 $0
Elise King Hamler Member 1.00 $0
Terae T Sweeting Member 1.00 $0
Donald Rozier Member 1.00 $0
Dr Harry Singleton III Member 1.00 $0
Dr Eunice S Thomas Member 1.00 $0
William L Thomas Member 1.00 $0
Emory L Waters Member 1.00 $0
William B Whitney Member 1.00 $0
Dr James B Blassingame Member 1.00 $0

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