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Organizations Filed Purposes: Radiant Health Natural Medical Center exists to nurture health and optimal functioning of mind, body and spirit. We seek to inspire hope by putting God's love into action through partnering with our patients to improve their health and serving our community by providing healthcare education and provisions. Your life and your health are important, because at Radiant Health, you are important!

PATIENT CARE During the 2018/19 fiscal year, RHNMC continued to focus on educating and encouraging individuals and families in their health journey. The majority of this focus took place in the 1,729 individual appointments our team had with more than 167 patients during this period. Our practice includes diagnostic and therapeutic modalities such as clinical and laboratory diagnostic testing, nutritional medicine, botanical medicine, naturopathic physical medicine, public health measures, hygiene, counseling, homeopathy, acupuncture, prescription medication, intravenous and injection therapy. This year we were fortunate to also acquire 109 new patients. RHNMC broadened the treatment modalities available to our patients. Two specific treatments we introduced were Celluma Light Therapy and a Hyperbaric Chamber. Through the Hyperbaric Chamber, RHNMC was able to provide children and young adults with special needs access to an incredibly effective treatment. We furthered our impact on this target audience by offering them a 50% fee reduction when they used the Hyperbaric Chamber. Finally, the board of directors established a Charity Care policy and we were able to provide many individuals with reduced fees while offering 10 patients pro-bono medical services.

MEMBERSHIP Radiant Health?s goals far exceed simply providing quality healthcare to their patients. During the 2018/19 fiscal year we continued to develop and mature a community of people who are interested and active in their own health. To achieve our long-term objectives, we worked to expand, educate, envision and empower our members. We were able to successfully grow our membership to 102 during the fiscal year. This gives us an expanded reach by having a group of individuals who are committed to bringing clarity and enthusiasm about the benefits of naturopathic medicine.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH An essential and important part of Radiant Health?s focus continues to be community outreach. This fiscal year we expanded our community outreach in three primary ways: 1.From the beginning, the heart behind our center has always been to bring naturopathic medicine to individuals and populations that otherwise would not have access to such treatments. This year, in collaboration with One Hundred Angels and Leigh?s Blankies, the clinic provided pro bono medical services and donated supplies for refugees seeking asylum. 2.Dr. Jessica Kooima expanded our focus on children with special needs by volunteering weekly at Sun Valley Community Church to help design and implement a ministry for this precious population. 3.The clinic furthered its community outreach through education. We accomplished this objective through several avenues: a.Providing two internship opportunities through a partnership with Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine; b.Sending Dr. Kooima to speak to the students at East Valley Institute of Technology about health/nutrition. c.Providing an internship opportunity for a senior at ASU.

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NameTitleHours Per WeekTotal Salary
Dr Jessica KooimaPresident & CEO60$88,050
Erika RandallSecretary33$27,794
Dean BoeverChairman1$0
Kim KosarTreasurer3$0
Anthony KirlewDirector1$0

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